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LipstickEveryone perfectly recognizes lipstick when they are in front of one. That is evident, but it is convenient to delve deeper and learn about other aspects of this product.

Lipstick, also known as lipstick or lipstick, is a cosmetic product that serves. How could it be otherwise to color the lips? The most common format of this product is that of a small cylindrical stick, which has a rotating base that is used to extract or retract the lipsticks, product itself when using it or storing it.

The composition of lipstick will be variable depending on the type of product that has been chosen. Still, in general, all of them have waxes, oils, and coloring pigments among their main products, which will vary depending on the product’s color.

A Bit of History about Lipsticks

Giving color to the lips dates back, as is usual in almost any aspect of makeup, to ancient Egypt, a time in which different vegetable pigments were used to achieve this purpose.

It was not pending the end of the 19th century that lipstick became commonplace in most European countries and the United States perfumeries. During this period, lipstick consisted of a product similar to the one used today, with the difference that it did not have the regulating element but was wrapped in paper or stored in a bottle.

The regulator tube appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, and in the 1930s, it was already a common cosmetic item in any woman’s repertoire.

What Types of Lipstick Exist, and What are their Characteristics?

The available supply of this type of cosmetics is quite broad. At first, a large number of colors and tones to choose from can attract our attention; but within this wide range, we can also find different finishes and, finally, other products in terms of composition.

Each product will be appropriate for a particular type of lips and achieve a distinct final finish. So if we are looking for the lips to stand out enormously, we must choose a variety of lipstick, while if we are looking for a finish more discreet, we should opt for a different kind.

Stick Lipstick

It is the most common type of lipstick and is mainly used to seeing and using in makeup work. It consists, as explained above, of a product in the form of a bar or stick located in a tube that allows it to be extracted or retracted from it by turning its base.

Glossy Finish Lipstick

Glossy Finish LipstickThis type of finish is also often referred to as a gloss finish. Its texture is very similar to that of creamy lipstick, but the final finish obtained is a bright color due to the presence of emollient agents in the product’s composition.

Liquid Lipstick

Liquid LipstickThe second type of lipstick available in the market is liquid lipstick. It and its mat is different from the

They consist of a small bottle in which a small brush is inserted to apply the product. In recent years, this type of lipsticks, has seen a significant rise in popularity, and, as in the case of lipsticks, you can find different styles.

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