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Glamorous Bedroom Makeup Vanity Ideas

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Makeup Vanity Ideas: Do your makeup like a Hollywood star when you do it from your very own makeup cabinet. They are sturdy and have plenty of counter space for all your makeup and drawers to store things when not in use. And many come with extra lighted globe makeup mirrors so you can see how beautiful you look. See collection for options.

Of course, a mirror is essential to ensure it’s big enough and at the right height so you can use it when sitting in front of your dressing table. It would help if you also had a lot of light. Ideally, the light should come from both sides of the face, so there are no shadows to interrupt the blend. If you can’t fit a fully lit mirror, try placing a lamp with a slightly diffused shade on either side of your dresser or place it near a window with good natural light. Go for light bulbs that mimic natural light; Bulbs that emit yellow or orange light make colour matching difficult.

Glam Up your Morning Routine With this Makeup Vanity Ideas

Start your day with a makeup cabinet that suits your space and style. From modern glam looks and unexpected black makeup vanities to unique makeup ideas, you’ll find perfect makeup vanity ideas in this helpful guide.

Pretty in White

Pretty In White

One of the most popular makeup ideas is the classic white makeup table with an attached curved mirror. It’s slim enough for tight spaces but has roomy drawers for cosmetics and plenty of room at the top for a scented bouquet. Instead, opt for a backless vanity stool that can be tuck away when not in use.

Modern Rush

Modern Rush

Modern makeup vanities give you all the profits of traditional vanities while keeping things simple. Features like clean, streamlined lines and two-tier shelves keep beauty essentials within and out of reach. A properly sized mirror allows for quick touch-ups, and a reflective silver finish brightens every morning.

Beauty Corner

Transform an empty nook in your bedroom into a glamorous corner makeup vanity with a dramatic mirror, real bedroom furniture like a small desk and a see-through acrylic chair with a soft faux fur pillow. Make it even more magical with natural light from a window and the warm glow of two elegant wall lamps.

Star Power

Lights, camera, makeup! Some of the best makeup vanity ideas revolve around a star-worthy lighted mirror. Then, update the look with the industrial touch of a faux brick wall, thin metal furniture, black floor lamps with large bulbs, and a retro-style swivel chair.

Beauty Spot

Small makeup vanities can still have a lot of styles. The secret is to choose functional pieces that draw attention. For example, an oversized circular mirror makes an area appear larger, while sleek gold-finish metal furniture legs add an airy feel to the space. In addition, a deep drawer and well-organized cosmetic containers ensure clutter-free storage.

Big On Romance

Big On Romance

What’s not to love about a big makeup cabinet with tons of storage space? These beauties have deep drawers for an abundance of cosmetics and gear. Shelves showcase favourite scents, while a triptych mirror shows you exactly how to turn heads everywhere.

Mini Beauty Bar

It is one of those space-saving makeup ideas that are just as pretty to look at as it is to sit on. Make the most of the space between two windows with artistic pieces like a dresser with a metallic finish drawer and an Art Deco-inspired mirror. Complete the look with a regal vanity stool and a slender but tall lamp.

Bold and Dramatic

Black vanities are perfect for rooms with grey, white or neutral tones. Black dominates a room, so go for a simple vanity style with clean lines and geometric shapes. Soften the look with flowing flowers, curved sculptures, and a bench with a thick natural fabric bolster cushion.

Essentials for Makeup Vanities

Storage is essential for any makeup vanity to be functional. Use bathroom organizers as clear or metal containers on your vanity to keep brushes, cosmetics and cleaning supplies close at hand and organized.

A vanity mirror is an essential addition to your vanity that can add function and style. Choose from lighted makeup mirrors, e.g. B. LED makeup mirror to make makeup application easier even in a dark room. Magnifying makeup mirrors can examine a specific part of the skin for a closer examination. These mirrors are a great addition to other storage solutions and your dresser.

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