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Hair ConditionerThe Hair conditioner is an essential complement to the shampoo. It moisturizes the hair, prevents frizz, adds shine, and repairs split ends. In addition, using the right one does not have to make the hair greasy or reduce volume, and it is an indispensable part of our beautiful basics.

What is the Conditioner For?

In a nutshell, the primary function of your conditioner is to soften each strand to support healthy hair. Deficiencies from damage are replenished by forming a more even surface that promotes healthier hair. But since not all conditioners are created equal, there’s much more to know.

Types of Hair conditioner

Daily Conditioners

These are the essential conditioners that you are probably most familiar with. They’re light enough to be used regularly (every day if needed), help protect hair between washes, and can be rinsed immediately.

Dove Intense Moisturizing Conditioner is an excellent example of a good daily conditioner, as it contains a pro-moisture complex to smooth the hair’s outer surface, leaving it feeling soft.

Deep Conditioners

A more intensive version of the daily conditioner, hair treatment masks, is a great way to give dry or damaged hair the boost it needs. Use TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Treatment Cream once a week and leave it in the hair for the indicated time before rinsing.

Leave-in Conditioners

Leave-in conditioners can be in the form of a light spray or lotion, and, as the name suggests, they do not require rinsing after application, making them perfect for post-shower moisturizing or on-the-go hydration. Generally, these products work best on curly hair, which needs more hydration. Seal Defined Curls Styling Cream contains microcapsules that activate every time you touch your hair, releasing its fragrance and keeping your curls hydrated for 24 hours.

How do Conditioners Work?

All Pantene conditioners include a unique blend of nutrients that penetrate the hair’s core to keep it strong from within. Those areas of the hair that are damaged are specially treated and cared for from the outside while capturing the radicals inside the hair so that the tiny cracks caused by the damage inside do not increase in size. In this way, the hair resists breakage better and has more nutrients where needed without producing heaviness due to excessive ingredients. The hair conditioner works on the outside, creating an even surface that reflects light better and shines more, but it also helps make hair more manageable and easy to style daily. In this way, damage caused by styling is reduced. Additionally, powerful antioxidants, such as UV light, help reduce oxidative stress from the environment.

Hair Conditioner: Reasons to Always Use it

Weather, styling habits, and daily use cause our hair to become damaged. It could be the firm, cold wind outside, the curling iron’s enormously high temperatures, or the straightener’s temperatures. Whatever the reason, hair ends up dry over time as it loses moisture. The shampoo is designed to cleanse away dirt, impurities, and sebum build-up, but the real magic happens when the conditioner is applied, and the treatment is done. Hair conditioners provide conditioning agents to the hair shaft, helping to “seal” or flatten the hair cuticle. Thus, the cuticles feel smoother and also look shinier. It is why this step is so vital for healthy-looking hair.

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