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Human BeautyIt Is not easy to define beauty beyond what the dictionary dictates: the quality that we attribute to what is beautiful, what is aesthetically pleasing to us, or what we consider pleasant to perceive. It applies to objects, landscapes, and sounds, as well as to people, spaces, and animals. Still, it is a concept of historical construction capable of varying immensely from one culture to another and from one time to another.

Beauty According to Philosophy

The first attempts to define [beauty] come from classical antiquity, specifically Ancient Greece. The philosophers of that time considered beauty a matter of proportion between the parts of the thing; that is, symmetrical objects tended to be more beautiful than asymmetrical ones.

However, Plato (c. 427-347 BC) considered [beauty] an idea independent of beautiful things, a manifestation of true beauty found in the human soul and only accessed through knowledge. In that same tradition, [beauty] was part of a triad of values ​​together with good ( goodness ) and truth, so what was beautiful must be reasonable and proper.

Human Beauty

Human [beauty] is that which is attributed, since ancient times, to the human body, both male and female. In Ancient Greece, for example, men’s bodies were subject to ideal concepts ( areté ) attributed above all to the gods and tragic heroes and their sculptural representations.

In later times, [beauty] tended to focus instead on the female body. The entire [beauty] industry has been built to provide women with cosmetic implements to “beautify” themselves according to standards such as those that inspire women’s beauty contests like Miss Universe.

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