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According to different theories, health should stop being seen as an abstract state or element and begin to accept it as a means to achieve a particular goal. In this case, it would be to achieve mental, social, and physical well-being so that a better life can be obtained. Full individual life. At this point, health is define as one of the resources of daily life and not as a goal of life. Here, the resources in people’s hands are considerably accentuated, from social and personal to physical aptitudes and skills.

Latest Definitions of Health

Health & Wellness

Health & WellnessAs mentioned before, health can be viewed objectively or subjectively. When it comes to well-being, it is imperative to speak subjectively since most people live in an accelerated way, under a disturbing level of stress and with eating habits that, far from being healthy, harm the mood and physical state of the organism. An example of this is today’s beauty standards.

Physical Health

It is a state of complete well-being in which the body of a living being is in optimal condition to carry out all kinds of activities. Living beings are mention because this section is quite general, considering that animals have specific similarities in terms of health. They can be injured and heal just like the average human being. Physical health directly addresses the anatomical state of living beings , their correct functioning and the good ways it can be preserved, for example, by carrying out daily hygienic habits.

Mental Health

mental health is the psychological and emotional well-being that all people must have. However, certain aspects make this state impossible and physical health has much to do with it. If the body is not entirely healthy, the mind may suffer from a series of emotional ravages that, later on, become severe and require special medical attention. It does not mean that people with mental health problems should be exclude. They need a more rigorous care, with specific medical treatments and adequate people willing to care for them.

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