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AgilityAgility is the ability to carry out movements and body posture changes with speed, precision, and efficiency. It involves a significant degree of control over the body and encompasses other physical attributes such as balance, coordination, speed, strength, reflexes, and stamina. People who demonstrate a lot of agility are called agile people.

The word “agility” comes from “agile” and is, in turn, from the Latin voice agilis, composed of the verb agere (“to act,” “move,” or “carry forward”) and the suffix -is (which expresses capacity or possibility). Seen in this way, someone agile has an excellent ability for movement or action, that is, who can dispose of his body quickly and skillfully. This adjective is usually used when referring to sports or physical efforts: “an agile gymnast,” “an agile wrestler,” or “several agile runners.”

In physical education, agility was initially conceived as the ability to change the direction of walking quickly. This definition was later modified to refer to a set of continuous and rapid changes in the position and orientation of the body, executed with grace, speed, and precision.

Two types of individual factors are involved in this:

  • Perceptual and cognitive factors have to do with the perception of one’s body and the environment, but also with planning one’s own actions and making immediate decisions.
  • Physical factors have to do with the state of the body, such as strength, balance, coordination, or the technique learned and practiced.

All individuals are born with a certain degree of agility. Still, in general, it is the result of the physical conditions of the body so that it can be perfectly developed, accentuated, or exercised and, according to the same logic, be lost over time. Agility is a trait contrary to clumsiness, slowness, and heaviness.

Mental Agility

This term is use figuratively when talking about mental agility: having a quick, balanced, and light mind, just as gymnasts have their bodies. In other words, mental agility is the capacity for speed, efficiency, and mental aptitude that all people have to some extent. Just like physical agility, mental agility can result from practice and training or the development of natural talent. Still, in both cases, it is a set of reasoning skills.

Traditionally, mental agility is measured through the resolution of exercises, whether in mathematics, language, or spatial reasoning, which force the individual to think quickly, change focus or evaluate different perspectives. Mental alertness is typically a sign of intelligence and can be developed through practice and exercise.

Business Agility

In the business world, business agility or organizational agility is understood as the ability of an organization to quickly and effectively adapt to market changes, both internally and externally. Therefore, an agile company will face changes efficiently and manages to convert them into an impulse to grow.

Business agility manifests itself in sustaining service or production despite changes, thus retaining an edge over the competition. The changes can be very different, but an agile company will adapt quickly and can better deal with organizational challenges.

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