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The skin is essential to our overall health and well-being. Healthy skin not only acts as the body’s first line of defense against bacteria and viruses but also maintains hydration levels and helps regulate body temperature. It is susceptible and detects both the lightest touch and pain. It is the primary and most visible organ, covering almost two m² and accounting for almost 1/6 of our body weight. The condition of the skin can also have a significant impact on our self-esteem.

Skin Structure

The dynamic organ in constant evolution, is made up of three main layers: the hide, the dermis and the hypodermis, or subcutaneous tissue, each of which is made up of several sub-layers. In addition, It appendages such as sebaceous and sweat secretors and follicles also play different roles in their overall function.

The function of the Skin

It is essential to our overall health and well-being. Healthy it acts as a barrier between the outside world and the inside of the body and is our first and best defense against:

Cold, Heat, Dehydration And Radiation

As the outermost layer of the skin, the stratum corneum plays a key role in protecting the body against environmental aggressions and limiting water loss from the epidermis.

Contains natural moisturizing factors (NMF) extracted from stratum corneum sebum oils, including lactic acid and urea. These retain water and help maintain the skin’s elasticity, firmness and suppleness. When these factors wear out, the skin loses moisture. When the moisture in the stratum corneum drops below 8-10%, it becomes rough, dry, and prone to cracking.

Pressure, Impact And Abrasion

It should be remember once again that the epidermis is the first layer of defense. The fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue form a cushion that acts as a shock absorber, protecting the underlying muscle tissue and fascia (the fibrous tissue that surrounds the muscles).

Feeding Fountain

Fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue act as essential stores of nutrients. When the body needs them, they enter the surrounding blood vessels, from where they are transported to where they are needed.

What Happens When The Skin Is Damaged?

Healthy, problem-free skin is even in colour, smooth in texture, well hydrated, and reasonably sensitive to touch, pressure, and temperature. However, when the natural barrier of the skin is alter, its protective function and its healthy appearance are compromised:

  • Loses moisture and elasticity and may look and feel dry, rough, cracked and/or saggy.
  • Becomes increasingly sensitive to external influences (e.g. sun, temperature fluctuations) and is particularly susceptible to infections.

Infected skin can become inflamed as inflammatory immune cells invade the skin to repair the damaged barrier and also, heal the infection. As a result, conditions such as atopic dermatitis and itchy scalp often require specialist treatment to break the cycle of repeated itching and subsequent infection and regenerate the skin’s natural barrier.

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