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Manicure write for usWe all know that manicure is the care and grooming of the hands and nails. Not everyone is clear about how many types of manicures there are or what each consists of. But do not worry, because we will explain it to you in a summarized way.

Types of Manicure: According to the Type Of Enamel

French Manicure

The French manicure is one of the best-known types and is undoubtedly requested.

As its name suggests, it originated in France at the beginning of the 20th century. It bring an elegant and simple touch.

After cleaning the nails, cutting them, and filing them, the hands are immersed in hot water. Then comes the enamel moment. For example, we can apply a neutral enamel to the nails and paint them with thick white stripes on the tips.

Finally, a transparent layer is applied that covers the whole upper part of the nail.

Reverse French Manicure

Although this manicure has the same name, it is somewhat less known, you have to like it, and you must also have longer nails so that it does not give the sensation of “small nails.”

The stripe of a different polish color that we used to put at the end of the nail for the traditional French it will now be at the bottom of the nail, the one in contact with the cuticle.

If you like it, it is an unconventional option and can be very cool!

American Manicure

American it is considered an alternative to the French [manicure]. In this type of manicure, a more natural appearance is sought in the final finish. Like this, products similar to the French [manicure] are applying but seek to make the color contrast more subtle and smooth.

As you can see, the variation is insignificant so we could confuse both types of manicures.

Italian Manicure

It seems that this type of it also inherits its essence from the French manicure, this it is the same as the French manicure, but we change the stripe we make at the end of the nail.

It consists in that this time we will not paint the strip from side to side, but we will stop in the middle of the nail, giving the pin a more biased and modern appearance. In this manicure, it is advisable to use striking colors for the strip in such a way that It is noted that the bias was made to attract attention.

Russian Manicure

In this type of manicure, the difference is exclusively in treating the nail’s cuticle.

In the Russian manicure, the cuticle is treated with a lathe. We have to be precise when working with the lathe, and not all professionals dare with this method. In terms of quality, it is practically invaluable compared to the traditional way of removing and treating the cuticle.

We cannot say that it is exclusively a Russian [manicure], but we will say that the trend in Russia is to wear long, square nails and ornate decorations.

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