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Hair Wigs Write for Us

Hair Wigs Write for Us

As you know, wigs can be made of natural hair or synthetic fiber; of course, wigs made of natural hair look more realistic than wigs made of wool. Natural hair has its texture and shine, its color (never homogeneous but always rich in nuances), a particular movement, and it is softer and thinner than the fiber and can be style as desired.

By hair movement, we mean the directions it takes and how it sways and falls across the face and shoulders. Of course, a lot depends on natural hair’s length and thickness: typically, longer and thinner hair has more movement. But what influences the direction of the hair the most is its state of health. Porous hair is dull and dull. Chemically treated hair can become dry and “glassy.”

Types Of Wigs

According to Raquel Cabello, from the hairdressing company Cabello R. ” Both the synthetic and the natural hair ones are of excellent quality,” so it will depend on each one to choose between one or the other.

Depending on the origin of the hair

  • Natural hair wigs: created from donated human hair, are usually of excellent quality, and their finish looks like a wild mane. In addition, they come with a flexible tulle that will look like a scalp. They have gone through a sterilization process to make them safer. They must be taken care of as if they were our hair. And although they can be dyed, ironed, and dried, it is advisable to avoid chemicals on them so they last longer.
  • Artificial Hair Wigs: Synthetic wigs remain made from fibers that, while not coming from human hair, look pretty close to natural, and the result is almost the same. They are cheaper than the previous ones, but their maintenance requires more attention since no shampoo is valid, nor can dyes or heat tools be used since they are damaged. However, and always with a thermal protector, “there is a fiber that does admit heat at 130 degrees,” insists the expert in falsework.
  • Mixed wigs: created from fiber and natural hair, somewhat cheaper than the completely natural ones.

Depending on the manufacturing method

  • Handmade: Each fiber remain inserted into the tulle manually, which gives more realism and much more volume to the final result. Within this technique, the hair can be natural or fiber.
  • Machine-made: industrially made using specific machines, which lowers costs. The hair blocks remain attached to an elastic mesh. The hair used for this type of hairpiece is synthetic.
  • Mixed wigs: The two previous techniques remain merged, manufacturing the upper part of the tulle by hand and the rest of the hair by machine.

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