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Hair BrushYou may have noticed how many different hairbrushes there are. Some you will see everywhere, following fashions and trends. Others, you will know that they are used above all in hairdressers.

But you might not know that each type of brush has a specific function (some, even several) and that not all of them work for all types of hair. So if, until now, you chose yours based on aesthetics, availability, or fashion, you may reconsider whether you are using the most appropriate brush for your type of hair by consulting this guide. Or if it was designed for what you use it for.

Here are the main brush classes that you will find with their most appropriate functions and uses:

Types of Hairbrush

Detangling brush: they are the “detangler” type (the most famous, the Tangle Teezer), with soft bristles with rounded tips, ideal for detangling wet and humid hair, thus avoiding knots. They are necessary, especially for long or straight hair, which tends to tangle easily, although they can be used on almost all hair types.

Skeleton brush: it is easy to identify by its separated bristles, arranged in a base full of holes that reminds us of the structure of the skeleton. They are appropriate for curly hair because they allow definition. They are also used to style and define short hair, for example, when making a wig. Of course, they are not appropriate for untangling the hair.

Brushes with wooden bristles: these are brushes whose main advantage is that they prevent static electricity, although they can be too aggressive for delicate and brittle hair (it can break it).

Round brush: it is ideal for giving volume to the hair and shaping the ends (inwards or outwards) with a hand dryer. It can be used to dry the hair while it is still damp and to shape it. They add a lot of shine and are ideal for straight and wavy hair. They can be thermal or not.

How to Clean Hair Brushes?

The instruments you use to comb your hair accumulate dirt; cleaning them not only helps extend their useful life but also keeps your hair clean and healthy. Remove the hair stuck between the bristles with the help of a long and thin object. Pour warm water with shampoo into a large bowl and swirl the brush or comb into the mixture. Rinse with cold water and let it dry with the bristles facing down.

The handle and stopper should be cleaned with a damp cloth, and it is also essential to keep the dryer filter clean. Taking care of your hair brushes properly can last you, on average, eight years. Get to work!

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