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Epsom salt bath Write For Us

Epsom salt bath Write For UsEpsom salt is one of many natural mineral salts, a compound of magnesium and sulfate found in rock formations. The name “Epsom salt” refers to the town of Epsom, a stone’s throw from London in England, where salt should have been discovered some 400 years ago.

While it looks like table salt, it has a bitter taste and is not meant to be eaten. Instead, most users dissolve it into a warm soaking bath to relieve tension or painful muscles.

How can you use Epsom salt?

The knowledge is that when you pour Epsom salt into warm water, it melts the magnesium and sulfate, allowing your body to absorb it through your skin. Centuries of user testimonials confirm the fantastic benefits of using Epsom salt in this way.

However, scientific research is not outright in its support. No specific studies show that magnesium can be absorbed through the skin in amounts sufficient to address potential deficiencies in the mineral. And the research that has been done raises doubts.

However, integrative medicine experts typically recommend Epsom salts for people with muscle pain and stress. The process is simple and low-risk if you want to try it yourself.

·         Pour about 300 grams (1.25 cups) of Epsom salt into a clean bathtub filled with hot water. (Avoid using Epsom salts in a jetted bathtub, hot tub, or whirlpool bathtub unless the manufacturer instructs.)

·         Once the bath is prepared, test the water temperature and adjust as necessary. You don’t want to burn yourself.

·         Slowly get into the bathtub and relax. A 15-minute soak will do the trick.

When shopping for Epsom salt, look for a 100% magnesium sulfate product.

The Benefits Of An Epsom Salt Bath

Dr. Umeda says that despite the lack of scientific data available, stories have been circulated about the healing power of Epsom salt for centuries. Users often dissolve Epsom salt into bath water to release magnesium and sulfate ions and reap the benefits.

Stress relief

While some experts suggest stress relief comes from a warm bath, others believe Epsom salt helps stabilize moods and relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Some claim that taking magnesium increases brain serotonin (the happiness or relaxation hormone).

Muscle pain

Epsom salt relaxes strengths and dismisses shoulder, neck, back, and skull pain. For example, the magnesium in Epsom salt can help relieve headaches or migraines by relaxing the muscles around the skull. This benefit can also help with sore muscles in the post-workout recovery period.


Some experts also believe that magnesium reduces inflammation in internal organs. As a result, it can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and improve digestion and bowel movement.

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