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GiftsGifts write for us – A gift is something that is given without asking for anything in return. Generally, it is an object that one person gives to another to congratulate, entertain, or pay homage to them.

Characteristics of A Gift

Despite being material, gifts (also known as presents or skills) are intended to convey a message of love or respect. When a friend buys a gift for another and gives it to him on his birthday, his goal is to make him feel loved and recognized. Donations are sometimes given out of custom or social obligation, without any sentiment behind them.

Giving a good gift is often difficult for most people, even for those who know very well who they want to honor. There are many sources of advice to find the perfect gift. Still, nothing beats closeness, the legitimate knowledge of the other and their tastes, their needs, their preferences, something that should exist in the first place before reaching the point of deciding to buy him a gift.

It is worth mentioning that the gift is sometimes a symbol that the market takes advantage of to promote the presence of masculinity in society. For example, there are toys for boys (such as soccer balls) and girls (such as dolls), and it is frowned upon to ignore that distinction.

A Marketing Strategy

In commerce, a gift is what the seller or someone who offers a service gives to a buyer or customer without asking for money, at least directly. It means the gift breaks the logic of exchanging a product or service for money. It is common for donations to be given as part of a promotion or offer and, in one way or another, generate a profit for the seller. A frequent case is that a store offers two products for one price: the buyer, in this way, buys one product and takes another as a gift.

The greater the offer of similar products or services, the promise of a gift as compensation for choosing a company over others becomes frequent and, why not, necessary for success. Today, since certain products have digital versions, these gifts represent a lower expense than a couple of decades ago. This practice is widespread in video games, music, and movies, three types of content that can be consume from any electronic device over the Internet.

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