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MicrobladingMicroblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique, and its main advantage is that it offers a more natural result than micropigmentation. It is done depending on the shape of your face so that you can show off natural and perfect eyebrows.

This aesthetic procedure pigments the eyebrows hair by hair. One of the biggest secrets to a natural finish is to adapt the color of the pigment used. Thus, you have to pay close attention to the skin type and the color of the eyes and hair of each person before starting.

Microblading does not damage the eyebrows or the skin. But to avoid the minor discomfort you may suffer, you can use an anesthetic cream.

The estimated time for its completion is approximately a couple of hours. The first thing to do is trace the shape of the eyebrow with a pencil. Thus, you can get a clear idea of ​​the result you will get.

Once you agree on the shape, special needles will be used to insert the pigment into your epidermis. This semi-permanent makeup technique originates from Japanese tattooing and is performed with a tool similar to a beveled scalpel. It contains excellent needles that favor the pigment’s insertion and traces the hair’s shape with it. It guarantees a natural look.

What is it for?

The microblading technique is recommended for people who want to cover small bald spots, fill in their eyebrows, or add a slight arch.

Our recommendation from Mifarma by Atida is that you always go to a specialized center with experienced and qualified personnel since this technique requires a series of requirements. It is necessary to know the skin perfectly to know what mixture of pigments will give the perfect tone and how far you have to incise with the needles to obtain the desired result.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The great benefit of this technique is that you will not have to apply makeup to your eyebrows daily to have a great look. In addition, the pigments used are hypoallergenic and are made with a mineral base to minimize the risk of allergies.

Let’s see other of the main advantages and disadvantages of using microblading.


  • Offers a natural look.
  • Raise your self-esteem.
  • The duration is between one and two years.
  • The process is painless.
  • You get a more marked look.
  • It was cheap.
  • It will avoid the daily makeup of the eyebrows.


There is no apparent disadvantage to this technique, but the truth is that it has specific contraindications that you should consider. Thus, you should not perform this treatment if:

  • You are pregnant.
  • You have burns or scars.
  • You take anticoagulant medication.
  • You have diabetes, HIV, seborrheic dermatitis, hemophilia, or hepatitis.

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