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Mushrooms Write For UsFor example, if we put a simile of a fruit tree, the mushrooms would be equivalent to the tree’s fruit and the fungus to the tree itself. But in the case of mushrooms, they usually appear on the surface of the earth while the fungus grows underground.

As we have said, the mushroom would be equivalent to the fruit of the fungus. And also to the organ in charge of the reproduction of the species. However, its primary function is the development and dispersal of spores. The fungus mushroom has developed different forms allowing more excellent spore production. The case of the mushroom known as puffball, Lycoperdon perlatum, is curious. This mushroom spreads its spores when raindrops fall on it, ensuring that the spores find moisture for germination.

What is the function of mushrooms in the forest?

Let’s start with the premise that the subsoil of the forest is full of life. Soil microorganisms feed to live on the remains of organic matter (dry leaves, branches, remains of other organisms). These microorganisms carry out their life cycle in the soil. They feed on these organic remains, breathe, reproduce, and die, contributing more life, if possible, to the earth.

If there is little humidity in the soil, the activity of these organisms slows down, while if the moisture is abundant, it multiplies. When we walk through the mountains and notice the smell of damp earth, it is the smell of all the microorganisms that inhabit it.

What do mushrooms eat?

Plant residues are not the only food for the microorganisms that inhabit the subsoil of the forest. Far from it is the most critical food. The roots are responsible for nourishing plants with moisture and minerals and exuding water and sap, and these radical exudates, which is how they are technically known, are the leading food for microorganisms. They come to the roots to feed.

One of the reasons why mycorrhizal fungi help those plants in which they settle is because these fungi cover the finer root tips and prevent significant loss of moisture and sap through these areas, so plants that have associated mycorrhizal fungi grow more and better and are more protected than the rest from attack by other parasitic fungi and diseases. They also nourish these trees with mineral salts and water, and in return, they receive the sugars created by them.

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