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Nail Polish Remover Write For Us

Nail Polish RemoverA nail polish remover is a cosmetic product that removes nail polish, leaving the nails clean. Nail polish removers are solvents capable of dissolving the components that make up nail polish. It remover is usually applied with a cotton pad or individual felt pad soaked in nail polish and rubbed on the nail until the polish comes off.

What Is Nail Polish Remover?

It is a cosmetic used to remove nail polish applied to the nails. It is also known as nail polish remover. Since acetone was among its original ingredients, it has also been known by the general name of “acetone” or as “Cutex,” the name of a brand of nail polish and nail polish remover that has been on the market for many years.

Initially, the main ingredients of the nail polish remover were acetone and castor oil. The latter was only to prevent a whitish film from forming on the nails when the pure acetone evaporates and to avoid a little dry feeling.

Nail polish removers are made from organic solvents, and their main ingredients include acetone, gelatin, glycerin, and water. However, there are acetone-free nail polish removers today which prevent nails from drying out and cracking.

Difference Between Nail Polish Remover WITH And WITHOUT Acetone

When it comes to your nails, there comes a time when you have to choose among using an acetone or non-acetone nail polish. However, what is the difference between one and the other? While acetone will remove polish more quickly, non-acetone nail polish removers will be friendlier to your nails.

It must also be said that many nail liquids can help you remove the enamel. In addition, to nail polish remover with acetone and nail polish without acetone, you can use Cleaner Cocos or buy a melon acetone red pack with cleaner cocos.

When To Use One Or The Other

According to Miriam Guerra, it depends on our nails: “If it is healthy, we can use a [nail polish remover] with acetone and moisturizing agents, such as moisturizing creams, without fear. If, on the contrary, our nail is broken by blows, opens in layers, or we have thin skin on the cuticle, it is better to use an acetone-free nail polish so as not to damage it further. The frequency, the type of enamel, and color are also important when deciding what to remove them with.

Acetone is harmful to the nail (it damages it and causes it to lift in layers) if we polish very often and use it excessively and daily,” says the director of Sass Aesthetic, who adds that nail polish with acetone is better for dark colors – like the one Kate Middleton has worn – or with glitter “it’s faster, requires less product and you don’t have to rub excessively.”

Tips For Use

  1. If the nail polish is semi-permanent, the [nail polish remover] (in this case with acetone) must be in contact with the nail for between 5 and 10 minutes. The expert from The Secret Lab suggests “leaving a soaked cotton ball well attached to the nail.”
  2. If the nail polish is not semi-permanent, “the ideal is to soak the cotton or the piece of cellulose in the [nail polish remover] (without acetone this time), place it on the nail for a few seconds, pressing and dragging afterward,” he recommends.
  3. The Mavala expert recommends using two cosmetic cotton pads, one for each hand, impregnated with nail polish, which we will press on the nail and remove forcefully so as not to dirty the cuticle. “Later, we will turn the cotton and do the same with another finger. In this way, each cotton will have five spots, and the enamel disappears cleanly”.

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