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Haircut trends that will shape your mood in 2024

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Haircut trends – After the last few years that have been stagnant at weightier – to put it mildly – it makes sense that in the new year people will be looking for movement, dynamics, drama and fun in any way. In this vendible we will talk well-nigh the most fashionable hairstyle trends of this year. If haircuts don’t really interest you, try other entertainments, for example,

Haircut “jellyfish”

One of the most controversial haircut trends we’ll see in the new year is the jellyfish haircut (just squint at Nicole Kidman’s look), which is rhadamanthine one of the weightier 2023 haircuts for the brave. The haircut is named so considering of its sharp resemblance to the shape of a jellyfish: In fact, this is a version of the haircut “mullet”, which plays with shapes and contrasting lines.

The haircut consists of two zones separated from each other. The top is located on the outer layer of the hair and looks like a cup-shaped cut, usually ending near the middle of the ear, and mimics the bell-shaped body of a jellyfish. The lower and second part of the haircut is a longer inner layer that mimics the tentacles.

There are many different variations of this haircut and depending on your preference, it can be made dramatic with two blunt layers or more subdued with mixed layers.

Baby bangs

Bold fashionistas make small wavy baby bangs just below the eyebrows – recently, many have fallen in love with such a haircut.

While you might think micro bangs are straight, short, and cut straight across the forehead, there are actually many types. They can be curly, curled, uneven, wavy and so on.

The most interesting? Baby bangs can add flair to any hairstyle and are suitable for all hair types – super curly, straight, wavy, pixie, long, short, thick, thin, braids, afro.

Bob “bullet”

The bullet bob haircut may seem rather boring, but it is surprisingly chic: “This haircut is an evolution of the wolf, mullet and shag haircuts that have appeared in the last 18 months. Instead of returning to the classic bob shape, this haircut is the mid-length haircut has been updated with a mullet style and includes a blown-out bangs and a layered bob shape.

The beauty of the bullet bob haircut is that it has no gender. We get a “two-layered” bob that has mullet proportions – longer and heavier at the back – but retains shape and volume around the face. Then “add a shorter piece around the cheekbone to outline the face and modernize this ‘medium’ length.

Layered haircut

You have to admit, the shaggy haircut has endless appeal. The key to keeping the style looking modern is layering around the crown for movement and wide, face-framing bangs.

The cut is a highly textured look that uses shorter layers on top of the head, critically maintaining length and volume, while thinner, longer hair is styled from below.

This haircut is suitable for hair of any length, but again, it’s all about giving the hair movement. Long curls have been popular for some time and I really think they will stay.

Undercut haircut

Short haircuts are in fashion. It’s time to cut your hair and revive your hair. I think the new year is a great time to change things up and try a shorter look.

The biggest short hair trend you’ll see in the coming months? Undercut haircut, when the hair is shortened on the sides and back.

Leaving the hair longer but not styling it too much is a modern approach. Don’t curl your hair too much, but give it a more textured look with short bangs. We suggest using a light haircut to reduce the volume of thick hair.


As the name sounds, the bixie haircut is a combination of bob and pixie haircuts. She is shorter than a bob, longer than a pixie, and her hair is pulled back from her neck and mid-face. This is the perfect in-between haircut for those who have never cut below the chin before.

Bixie is the perfect option for those women who want to cut their hair but are not ready for the maintenance and commitment of very short hair. Or maybe you want a very short haircut but aren’t ready for a pixie cut.

Combining these two styles will also allow you to create a look that best suits your face shape and individual style. A bixie haircut really speaks to your personality without saying a word. It is fun, versatile and suits any face shape.

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