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5 DHEA Benefits for Women

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Some studies have stated that DHEA supplements may help people with depression, obesity, lupus, and adrenal insufficiency. DHEA may, moreover, modernize skin in older people and help treat osteoporosis, vaginal atrophy, erectile dysfunction, and some psychological conditions.

While there are medications you can take, DHEA supplements are proving to be a great option that can equally give you enhanced health benefits too.

We are going to share all there is to know about the dhea benefits for women and why you should talk to a medical professional about how to incorporate them into your own life.

Know About DHEA

The lot to Know About DHEA Before we get into all the aids you can get from DHEA, let’s first discuss the benefits of this natural hormone supplement—dehydroepiandrosterone—a hormone produced by your body. DHEA can be changed into both testosterone and estrogen.

Studies have even found that when it converts with testosterone and estrogen, the beneficial effects can be further driven throughout the body.

DHEA is something that is actually produced naturally by the body. But as you get older, you are able to develop less and less of it. In fact, some studies have shown that it can decrease by up to 80% in your body as you age. When it hits a certain low level, the lack of DHEA can actually prompt several diseases to occur. This includes the likes of heart diseases and depression.

This is why taking it as a health supplement is such a great idea. When you do so, you will be able to restore the natural amount of DHEA that your body needs to thrive.

Benefits of DHEA

There are numerous benefits that studies are indicating you can receive when it comes to DHEA. Here are the top ones for women.

1. Increase Your Bone Density

When your natural levels of DHEA lowers, you will also be at risk to have decreased bone density too. When this happens, you will become more at risk to breaking or fracturing bones. Some studies are finding that when you take DHEA supplements, you can actually improve your bone density and decrease your chance of hurting yourself.

2. Supports Dealing with Depression

When our hormones are off-balance, it can often tip into a slippery slope that often leaves many women feeling depressed. It is really challenging to deal with depression, but some women have found success with taking DHEA supplements and found support in dealing with this.

Often, women who are going through menopause experience the biggest shift in their hormones and DHEA that is produced naturally. While there are still tons of studies being conducted around the actual role DHEA can play in improving mental health and symptoms of depression, there are promising signs.

3. Improve Your Sexual Drive

It is also common for your sex drive to feel off-balance when your hormones are off too. Studies have shown that DHEA supplements actually play a role in the functioning of women’s ovaries and fertility. In addition, many women also experience having a more enhanced libido and sex drive too. The biggest results are seen in women who are already experiencing sexual functions that are impaired.

4. Your Adrenal Glands

When your body undergoes adrenal insufficiency, your overall hormonal production will become imbalanced. This also means that you can experience changes in your blood pressure and extreme fatigue.

Initial studies have shown that DHEA supplements are able to support those suffering from adrenal insufficiency—especially as your adrenal glands produce this naturally anyway.

5. Restore Balance in Your Hormones

Most importantly, many women feel a sense of calm once their hormones are re-balanced. This means that their intense ups and downs are relieved and they don’t feel like their emotions are consuming them as much. Instead, they can enjoy their life and not deal with the extremes that often result when your body lacks the right amount of DHEA.


Overall, there are many benefits that can be gained by women when incorporating DHEA supplements into their daily routine. Of course, you should unchangingly consult with a medical professional first to determine if this wing is going to be salubrious to your overall wellbeing and personal wellness goals.

If you do try DHEA supplements, you can expect to experience some sort of relief and improvement in how you feel.

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