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Best Low-Maintenance Short Haircuts

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If you want something that’s genuinely low-maintenance short haircuts, you’ll need to lean into a hairstyle that works with your hair texture. If the look you want is curly, but you have straight hair and don’t want to get a perm, maintaining the style will be a lot of work.

“There’s a range of curl patterns and textures,” says celebrity hairstylist Sienree Du. “You have curl patterns from straight, wavy, curly, and coily to textures that range from fine to medium and coarse. And not everyone has [just one] texture on their head—most of us have a mixture. Understanding that can help us majorly solve some bad hair decisions.”

You may also want to stick with your natural hair color—keeping appointments to cover up your roots isn’t deficient maintenance. Below, find eight low-maintenance short haircuts that will help you maximize your new yield with minimal styling.

Low-Maintenance Short Haircuts To Try This Year

French Bob

The French bob is the quintessential chic and effortless look, an excellent style for thinning hair, too). “The cut is similar to a lob, but instead of the hair being long, it is usually chin-length,” says celebrity hairstylist Brittany Harrington. “The key is to keep the fullness at the bottom of the hair, so lots of layers are unnecessary.” It’s also a great option to rock short hair with bangs.

Low-Maintenance Short Haircuts To Try This Year

Big Chop Curls

When you have textured hair, the best part of doing a big chop is those first few weeks when your coils or curls are short and springy and have yet to grow to an awkward length. Stay in that sweet spot forever by maintaining a cropped cut. Because your hair is so short, you can have a wash-and-go routine that doesn’t steal half of your day.

Pixie Cut

“When I think of pixie cuts, I immediately think of Anne Hathaway circa 2012. This cut is a great option for many people because it is versatile. I like layered pixies and pieces, so it grows nicely and looks good between salon appointments,” says Ellis. He adds: “My favorite way to style it is with a texturizing paste just through the ends and getting regular trims every six weeks to keep the shape.”

Modern Bowl Cut

Another current favorite for Ellis is this shorter style that Maggie Rogers is rocking. “When consulting with a stylist about this cut, bring in photos and ask for a short, heavily layered cut with a fringe,” he says. “Another pro is that this cut wears well daily with minimal styling and looks amazing with just a little texture spray to piece out the ends.”

Rolled Bob

Rolled BobLong and flowy bouncy blowouts are super in right now, and you can get the same look in a bob by having it cut with layers to give it body and volume. If you have straight hair, you can keep this style low-maintenance by sleeping in big foam rollers ($9). “When your hair is 80 percent dry, roll it up in the rollers and make sure they are secure so that they don’t come undone while you sleep,” says Kiley Fitzgerald, a hairstylist at Mare Salon in West Hollywood.

Blunt Triangular Bob

If you take naturally curly hair, finding a cut that shows off what your texture can do is crucial. Hawkins recommends the blunt triangular bob for curls and coils thanks to its chic structure, and lack of styling it requires. If this look speaks to you, ask your stylist for a chin-length cut that frames your face. It will let you show off your facial features and curls with very little work on your part.


Low-maintenance short haircuts are an excellent option for people who want to save time on their hair care routine. These haircuts typically require little to no styling and can be washed and dried quickly. Some of the most popular low-maintenance short haircuts include:

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