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9 Ways to Style Earrings for the Holidays

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Style Earrings for the Holidays: Another year, another holiday season. As the days get shorter, shirt sleeves get longer as we break out our holiday wardrobes. With comfy winter outfits come accessories to supplement the holiday spirit! To prepare for the festivities, here are nine ways to style earrings for the holidays.

1.  Make Way for Cheer

Against the gloom of gray wintery skies, a pop of color can help usher in the season of cheer. With sweater weather in full swing, studs provide a perfect pairing with bulky jackets and (intentionally) ugly sweaters.

With various sizes and styles, you can go for big pearls or diamond studs to make a classy statement or dial it down with smaller shapes and stones to let your threads do the talking. Studs are not limited to metal or stone options.

Explore fabric pinwheels or tassels as well. Utilize color and materials to add a fun flair to the holiday ensemble, and don’t be afraid of unusual textures.

2.  Topped With a Bow

From studs to dangling earrings, bows on earrings are a cute way to make that holiday statement. These can range from bows made of metal to fabric bows or fabric bows tied above a pendant on hanging earrings. Ranging in color, texture, or size, bows offer an understated approach to festive jewelry.

For a minimalist take on bows, find earrings made from thin wires twisted in the perfect ways. You can even DIY your way into a pair of your own as a fun holiday side project.

3.  Ornamental Elegance

‘Tis the season to let your outfit be the star of the show and turn yourself into a walking Christmas Tree of sorts. No need to wear all green and smell of pine or fir–a simple black dress will do, along with studs or hoops.

Dangling earrings offer a more ornamental vibe, either with solid metal pieces or multiple gems strung together to add that festive touch.

4.  Sparkles (and More Sparkles)

Let there be sparkles this season. When New Year’s Eve rolls around, let your earrings and outfits guide the way with some glitz and glamour. With shoulder dusters, pendants, tassels, and so many sized stones, you’ve got options to light up the New Year.

You can also size up your earrings for more impact with hoops or rhinestones. As Rihanna would say, shine bright like a diamond.

5.  Let it Snow

We all know the saying “the more, the merrier” during the holidays. Your options this season have multiplied for the party people with several piercings. With studs or hoops, you can work with ascending sizes to add sparkles that increase in size on their way up your ear.

Try pairing alternative materials or metallic finishes to create a unique holiday look. Another option is to utilize studs with a single jewel hanging or transition from hoops on the bottom of the ear to studs at the top. Contrast is key to creating a dazzling display.

6.  Mix and Match

On the subject of contrast, mixing and matching earring styles are a fun way to add variety to your holiday looks. It also helps you get more mileage out of a minimal selection. Try shaking things up with dangling earrings and studs or different styles on each ear to stand out.

Non-traditional picks such as ear cuffs or clip-on earrings expand your options further.

For alternative piercings such as gauges, festive varieties like interlocking earrings can help decorate your ears this season with an alt approach.

7.  Thread it Through

One untapped earring style known as threaders create the impression of delicate ornaments for your ears. Threaders consist of a long, thin piece of metal that ‘threads’ through the ear, typically with a gemstone or mini pendant attached to the end.

These are great statement pieces and liven up an otherwise basic outfit, from the workspace to the party scene.

8.  Ear Crawlers

Another fun option for those seeking multi-earring elegance without multiple piercings is ear crawlers. These usually contain a few gems fused into an arc extending along your ear’s bottom ridge.

This style is versatile and chic and can be scaled and paired with any outfit. Crawlers also fit in your ears like studs, so they won’t interfere with your hair or the rest of your fit.

9.  Festive and Fun

True to tradition, Style Earrings for the Holidays-themed jewelry helps to add a pop of cheer to any party. They can range from classic to cheerful, from Santas and reindeer to sophisticated crystalline snowflakes.

Little silver pendant earrings can be shaped into symbols to honor whatever holiday you celebrate, ranging from Christmas trees to Menorahs.


From leading designers to an elaborate eCommerce market for DIY jewelry, you can find pieces to suit any occasion. Embrace all that the holidays offer with earrings that add to the festivities and fun.

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