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Magnetic eyelashes – Interest in eyelashes is on the rise. And magnetic eyelashes are not far behind. The use of masks is an indicator, but there are also figures behind it. Treatwell, an online reservation platform, confirmed that in 2020, reservations for permanent eyelashes increased by 82%, and extensions accumulated 49% of appointments.

When you don’t want to subject your lashes to a semi-permanent treatment, mascaras come to the rescue, but the result may be less impressive -with a good curler, the effect is magnified, yes-.

But if you don’t have ‘good’ eyelashes to start with, false eyelashes are a solution. However, the art of putting them on is not something to disdain, as well as taking them off without losing a single hair, using glue.

What Are Magnetic Eyelashes

At first glance, they are like false ones: they come in the same little boxes, in pairs. It is your placement method that varies.

Two of the best products for this type of hairpiece, Nefer Lashes and Eyelure, offer a most curious system. They remain accompanied by an eyeliner with magnetic properties (formulated with magnetic powder made from non-toxic iron, a material commonly used in makeup and skincare products) that ‘attracts’ the false eyelashes towards it, thus avoiding using their glue.

This ‘magnetism’ is safer than glue, an irritating substance that could damage eyes or sensitive skin.

Manual Of Use Of Magnetic EyelashesManual Of Use Of Magnetic Eyelashes

From Nefer, Lashes suggest the ideal step by step.

  • First, an even layer of eyeliner remains applied to the same thickness as the magnets.
  • When it is 80% dry, the lashes remain placed on the line, which will adhere as if by magic.
  • To remove them, one end of the false eyelash is pulled, either with the fingers or with tweezers. They will not damage or strip natural lashes.
  • If clumps of eyeliner remain on the magnets, gently scrape them off each interest with your fingernail.
  • For makeup removal, non-oily formulas are best because oil naturally dilutes adhesives and can damage magnetic lashes.

How Long Do Magnetic Eyelashes Last?

In general, magnetic eyelashes are reusable. Its useful life can range from 15 uses to 35, depending on the brand. The life of the magnetic eyeliner is like that of a normal one, with six months recommended once opened.

Here is a selection of the best magnetic eyelashes.

Seth De Nefer Lashes

Handmade with 18mm long synthetic fiber, a magnetic band with six magnets (the only one in Spain and the best to guarantee support, lightness, and comfort), 8 hours long, and reusable for up to 35 uses.

It costs 29.95 on the Nefer Lashes website. The eyeliner is sold separately for 19.95 euros.

Eylure Wispy Pro Magnetic Kit

The ideal ones adhere to the eyeliner for a natural finish, which remains included. They remain designed and manufactured with synthetic fiber and a magnetic band that does not need glue. They are easy to remove, as all you need is a makeup remover wipe or micellar water.

Ardell Magnetic Lashes

With small magnets located along with each lash band. The sleek, textured design adds length and volume to the outer corners of the eyes for a stunning, edgy finish.

Magnetic By Bone

A kit with five pairs, four for daily use, and some more spectacular. Includes magnetic eyeliner for adherence. They are the best sellers on Amazon.

How Do You Remove Liquid Eyeliner?How Do You Remove Liquid Eyeliner?

Apply a laundry stain remover directly to the stain. Alternatively, moisten the area and rub a soap bar directly on the color. Next, wash the garment according to the instructions on the label. Finally, check the garment to see if there are traces of eyeliner left.

How Can I Remove My Magnetic Eyeliner?

We make a liquid makeup remover called Shake It Off formulated to remove Magnetude Magnetic Eyeliner, but you can also use any 2-phase (shake-type) makeup remover.

It is best to sponge your face first and then use a cotton pad with the makeup remover. If you have difficulty removing the eyeliner, hold the place over it for a few seconds to let it soften. Significantly, you do not clean the tabs or magnets with liquids. It will damage the lashes.

What Happens If You Set Eyeliner On Your Eyes?

People who apply eyeliner to the inside of the eyelid run the risk of contaminating the eye and suffering vision problems. After the University of Waterloo in Ontario, a study came to this conclusion, subsequently showing that the particles of the eyeliner pencil move in the eye.

How To Fix The Tip Of An Eyeliner?

If your eyeliner no longer paints as before, you can regain the intensity of the line by placing the tightly closed bottle in the water and heating it in a water bath for about 5 minutes. Another option is to add a few drops of saltwater or eye drops, shake and use.

How To Activate A Gel Eyeliner?

You should thoroughly soak the bristles in oil. Next, close the gel container and let it sit for five to ten minutes. Seal the container well once the oil remains evenly distributed over the eyeliner. Then let be seated for five to ten minutes.


Magnetic Eyeliner remains made with the highest quality natural ingredients and ultra-fine magnetic particles for use with magnetic lashes, and it’s quick and easy to use. You do not need glue. It is waterproof, 24 hours long.

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