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About Kris Aquino health update on her health situation after sharing her recent breakup with Mel Sarmiento. Kris Aquino’s health has said goodbye to his fans for now and for years as he prepares for treatment in the United States.

On June 3, the queen of all media will bring light into the darkness. Kris revealed her diagnosis of Eosinophilic Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (EGPA) on Instagram. EGPA is an illness caused by the inflammation of specific cells in the blood or tissues.

His treating physician, Dr Niño Gavino, made the diagnosis. He’s a Filipino American based in Houston, Texas, and that’s where Kris goes.

“As doctors, we have to treat our patients holistically. He is well aware of the obstacles that await him. We don’t sugarcoat anything. She always asked for clear, honest and direct answers,” Gavino said.

Kris Aquino and EGPA

It started with chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU) in 2018. CSU remains the medical term for hives with no identify cause. All cases of CSU result in raised red knocks that are very itchy. These can change, grow, spread, disappear and reappear on the skin.

His condition worsened over time. He developed fibromyalgia, high blood pressure and overproduction of thyroid antibodies. As if that wasn’t enough, I also had severe migraines. She saw many doctors who could not help her until she found Dr Gavino met. He diagnosed her with EGPA.

A Google search reveals that EGPA remains also known as Churg-Strauss Syndrome. It is characterize by swollen blood vessels. As a result, it can restrict blood flow and damage organs and tissues. In some cases, the damage is permanent.

EGPA can also cause other problems. These include gastrointestinal bleeding, nasal allergies, skin rashes and sinus problems. Numbness and pain in the hands and bases are also common.

Adult asthma is the most common sign of EGPA. Unfortunately, it’s rare, and there’s no cure. But some control symptoms with steroids and other potent immunosuppressants.

Their Treatments

Kris took steroids for her Rapid Progress EGPA. Unfortunately, it had a severe side effect on her. Her doctors could not relieve her symptoms due to her allergies to various drugs. So they suggested that he go to the United States. There, Kris will try a medicine called Nucala (mepolizumab). It is an FDA-approved steroid-free treatment for EGPA that is not available anywhere else.

Dr Gavino also plans to rule out other autoimmune diseases like lupus. They will run extensive blood tests to look for Kris’ autoimmune markers. In the meantime, dr. Gavino treats her with Rituxan to treat other lupus-related symptoms. If it flops after six months, they will reflect another treatment.

“The next nine to 12 months will be critical for us to see if he can achieve remission. To survive, Ms Aquino needs to find the right mix and make it her maintenance medication,” she says.

Kri’s condition is scarce. Only one in a million people is diagnosed with EGPA each year. Life expectancy without medical intervention is 25%. A five-year survival rate is 62%.

The actress and mother hope she gets more than the two years her doctor gave her.

“We chase expectations No stings to cause permanent damage to blood vessels leading to my heart. So, unfortunately, it’s time to say goodbye for now and for the years to come. Pray that my body can withstand this intense test,” he wrote on Instagram.

Kris Aquino Successfully Takes First dose of New Treatment

Kris Aquino Successfully Takes First dose of New Treatment

Kris Aquino has received the first dose of his new treatment and has provided fans with updates on his health and plans to seek medical advice overseas.

The actress received a total dose of a drug called the Xolair injection, as seen on her Instagram page yesterday, March 1. Aquino, who suffers from chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU) autoimmune disease, also noted that he now weighs 38.5 kilograms (85 pounds).

“[The first] injection of Xolair was a success, which meant I got the full dose of kinaya ko (I could take it),” Aquino said, thanking his doctors. It was also shown in a hospital room with medical staff, friends, and their children, Josh and Bimby.

Xolair is omalizumab, an injectable prescription medicine used to treat UCS, nasal polyps, and moderate to severe persistent asthma in children. According to the drug’s official website, it can cause side effects such as nausea, headache, swelling, cough, joint pain, and upper respiratory tract contagion in patients struggling with CSU.

A Timeline of Kris Aquino’s Health Scares

In 2017, Kris Aquino alarmed his fans with his drastic weight loss. Taking to social media, he said it was all due to stress from the “financial abuse” he had encountered.

She said the “devastating pain” of being cheated on by someone she knew physically affected her.

Back then, he lost almost 15 pounds in less than a month. The queen of all media knew she had to take matters into her own hands, given the family history of cancer that afflicted her mother, former President Corazon Aquino, in 2008.

Luckily, all the results returned negative, prompting Kris Aquino to see a doctor in Singapore, where he was diagnosed with hives, an autoimmune disease.


One of Kris Aquino’s top health concerns is her migraines, which is why she took 34 injections in 2017 to prevent headaches.


Kris also suffers from high blood pressure, which has motivated her to lead a healthier lifestyle to keep her blood pressure from skyrocketing.

Anaphylactic reaction

In early 2018, Kris posted on Instagram that she was suffering from anaphylaxis, a severe and life-threatening allergic reaction.

Weight Loss

Amid the business betrayal she recently suffered, Kris suffered an alarming 15-pound weight loss. Kris then went to see a doctor in Singapore.


In a lengthy Instagram post, Kris revealed her concerns as she awaited medical results and how her two sons, Josh and Bimby, feared for their mother’s health.

Worried about Their Children

Kris revealed her two sons were anxious and also, confused. His youngest son, Bimby, even offered to donate his kidney if he needed it.

Blood Test

Kris underwent extensive testing, including taking 12 ampoules of blood one week and another 16 ampoules the following week.

Medical Findings

After multiple tests and a week of waiting, Kris shared her health results. She has been diagnosed with chronic spontaneous urticaria. In addition, an autoimmune disease requires her to take high doses of antihistamines as she is prone to recurrent severe allergic reactions.


Kris is comfortable with her condition and is often open about her autoimmune disease on social media. For one, the TV personality shared a photo of herself in which her left eyeball was visibly more prominent than her right. According to Kris, this is one of the signs of his autoimmune thyroiditis.

Serious Medical Treatment

Despite the severity of her condition, Kris hopes she will undergo various medical treatments across the United States. She thanks everyone who has remained praying for her immediate healing and also,  recovery.

“Thank you very much to everyone who pled for my recovery. Here’s the fact, explained by my family doctor, Dr Niño Gavino, an outstanding Filipino American doctor from Houston who successfully diagnosed what was wrong with my health,” he wrote on Instagram.

Time is Now my Enemy

The media queen has admitted she is running out of time for a full recovery, as revealed by her doctors.

“I will miss you so much, my friends and followers. The time is now my enemy Naghahabol Kami in hopes that the Na Wala stab will permanently damage the blood vessels leading to my heart,” Kris shared.

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