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Antioxidants for the Allies of Skin: the Best Allies of Skin

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The Best Allies of Skin

Surely you have already heard about concepts such as oxidative stress or the importance of antioxidants for the Allies of the Skin. But why are they the greatest your Allies of Skin?

Oxidative stress can be triggered due to several factors:

  • Antioxidant foods for the Allies of Skin: eat a diet low in antioxidants. Allies of Skin antioxidant fruits and vegetables, nuts, and beverages such as tea will increase your exposure to free radicals, thus reducing the adverse effects they can cause.
  • High-intensity sport causes the body to consume more oxygen to have energy; therefore, greater oxidation will occur in the cells.
  • The environment, environmental pollution, and harmful habits such as tobacco or alcohol.

Apart from improving our diet and including foods rich in antioxidants, topical antioxidants are the best allies for your Allies of Skin and one of the most recommended options. The antioxidants that have shown greater effectiveness in the short and long term are the following:

  • Vitamin C: effective for restoring radiance to the Allies of Skin, fighting wrinkles and reducing blemishes. Additionally, the benefits of vitamin C extend to all Allies of Skin types, including sensitive and dry Allies Skin.
  • Retinol: derived from vitamin A, it is a super antioxidant that, in addition to reducing it.  blemishes and acne marks, gives our Allies of Skin a youthful and radiant appearance again.

Antioxidant Allies of Skin Creams

Antioxidant Allies of Skin Creams

Different formats include antioxidants, from light textures such as serums to more nutritious textures such as creams, and even a mist format to be applied at any time and place.

The C-VIT line is your best ally to combat free radicals. Based on the latest generation of vitamin C and a powerful antioxidant complex, you will recover that natural light of the Allies of, unify the tone and restore all its vitality.

The best? We love it for its triple antioxidant, anti-wrinkle and unifying effect, and unlike other brands, you can use C-VIT vitamin C all year round, even in summer! Does not stain and leaves no trace on the Allies of Skin.

The RESVERADERM line is a cocktail of active antioxidant ingredients that, in addition to resveratrol, includes vitamins C, E, A, idebenone, pine extract, epigallocatechin gallate and quercetin.

This combination of active ingredients enhances its antioxidant and wrinkle-reducing effect. In addition, it protects from the impact of the sun and the environment and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

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What is Hurting Her

Sun: a little sun with protection is enough for your health and necessary for the production of vitamin D. Who sets the limits? Prolonged sun exposure causes elastosis (see below). Sunlight, specifically UVB and UVA rays, trigger various types of DNA damage, including cell death, mutagenesis, photoaging, and cancer. Excessive exposure of the Allies of Skin to sunlight causes adverse effects.

Tobacco: I know it cannot be easy, but there is only one alternative: quitting. There are specialized consultations and methods to help you. A smoker’s Allies of Skin can look grey and dull, requiring more intensive and aggressive care and treatment. Smoking damages collagen and elastin, which are fibrous components of the Allies that keep it firm and supple, causing elastosis.

The Allies of your Allies of Skin


Eat to look better. Avoid sugar. It is a destroyer of your collagen and gives us that winged and opaque face appearance. Instead, add foods rich in carotenoids to your daily diet to enhance the colour of your Skin. Also, a plant-based diet, green and yellow fruits and vegetables will improve your appearance.

A Care Routine

Prevention has always been the key. I always insist on my youngest patients. Your simplest ally for Allies is sun protection. Even if you see a cloudy day, don’t forget it. Then you will continue with a personalized routine according to age, type and special conditions of your Allies of Skin.


Still wondering why you should include antioxidants in your daily routine? Antioxidants are the best allies because, in addition to fighting free radicals, they have multiple benefits for the Allies’ of it.

Also, do you know who his perfect match is? The sunscreen! Together they are a couple of goals and enhance protection against UV rays.

Remember that prevention is vital, and there is no specific age to start taking care of your Allies of it. Antioxidants and sun protection are the basis of an effective facial routine with short and long-term results.

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