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Wavy Mirror Affirmations and Wavy Mirror Style Ideas

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Wavy mirror affirmations are an easy way to refill the pot of self-love we all need to stay whole. If you need help in the area of personal growth, mirroring affirmations can be a helpful tool to boost your mindset and confidence. Find fashionable mirror inspiration for your home to use in your moments of manifestation. Customize your wavy mirror with any floral arrangement and repeat your mantra in style.

What are Wavy Mirror Assertions?

What are Wavy Mirror Assertions_

Affirmations or mantras are short phrases that motivate you and encourage you to be a better version of yourself. They allow you to refocus your meanings in hopes of changing your current reality. Affirmations can inspire you to achieve your goals and expand your mindset.

Affirmations fall under manifestation, also known as the law of attraction. The Law of Attraction remains a spiritual theory that dictates that the energy we send into the universe will eventually return to us. An important point to understand remains that as you continue to develop and use your affirmations, you are looking for opportunities that will bring you growth and happiness.

Wavy Mirror Talk Techniques

A mirror technique can be use in reciting the chosen affirmations. Mirror talks can be a powerful tool when practicing self-compassion. According to Mirror Speech Psychology, it is believe that the energy you speak into existence is reflect in you. Here are some ways to use mirror language when vocalizing your affirmations in the mirror.

The Optimal Mirror Conversation

Stand directly in front of your mirror so that at least the upper half of your body remains visible in the mirror. You maintain good posture while standing, and pulling your shoulders back is best. Say the selected affirmations while maintaining direct eye contact with yourself in the mirror. Repeat your affirmations as often as you deem necessary. It is recommended to repeat at least three times.

Make Multiple Lists

Combine your affirmations with a list of your best physical or interpersonal qualities and what you hope to attain during the rest of the day. Adding this to your daily manifestation routine will help you appreciate what you have inside and in your life. In addition, affirmations work to create a stronger connection between you and the universe.

15 Mirror Affirmations to Boost your Mindset and Confidence

Whether you develop your assertions or use the affirmations, they should reflect where you are on your life journey. For example, pledges can be about family, relationships, finances, or mental health.

You can use your affirmations at any time of the day. Mirror affirmations are often used at the beginning and end of the day, usually when getting ready or going to bed. You can trade your claims any time, depending on the week or the month.

Check out these adorable mirror affirmations to place next to your mirror or wherever you choose to practice your daily commitments.

  1. I will live this day positively and walk with grace and confidence
  2. I trust and believe that I will take abundance.
  3. We will embrace new experiences that will contribute to my growth.
  4. I will overcome any challenge I face today.
  5. I am worthy of the love I have for others.
  6. Am comfortable in the body I have been given.
  7. I make choices that improve my thinking and benefit my life.
  8. I believe in myself and know that I am good enough.
  9. We release remaining doubts and fears.
  10. I will continue to pursue my goals.
  11. I feed my body what it needs.
  12. We accept the things that I cannot control.
  13. I trust my instincts and instincts to make decisions.
  14. I build on my successes and also, acknowledge my mistakes.
  15. We attract positivity, which I pass on to others.

Work a Wall With Wavy Mirrors

As people spent more time at home last year, trends in sophisticated home design skyrocketed. Thanks to popular social media influencers, wavy mirrors have made an unexpected comeback. The trend for these curved style mirrors dates back to the 1970s when homewares were inspire by art deco and eclecticism. They can be light and color, making them much more unique than a simple wooden framed rectangular mirror.

You will find that this style of mirror is on the more expensive side of the market thanks to its intricate design. However, if you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer, the glitter foam mirrors below are an easy project to do on a budget.

How to Design a Wavy Mirror

There are many unique ways to design mirrors, such wildly wave mirrors, as they can add dimension and style to any room. So whether you have a blank wall to fill or are looking to add a new piece to your home decor collection, try one of these tips to bring your space to life!

  • Why not try a mirror wall collage? Show off the uniqueness of your wavy mirror by choosing mirrors of different sizes and styles to create a collage effect.

Pro tip

Thrift and consignment stores are great places to visit to stay within budget.

  • Keep him relaxed with a floor mirror! A large floor mirror can take up a lot of space, but it can also add dimension and elegance to a room.

Pro tip

To make the area more sophisticated, add a side table, candles, and greenery.

  • Create a prep station! If you don’t have a ration of space in your bathroom to get ready for the day, try making some space in your bedroom. Grab a hanging mirror for a focal point and a rolling table or small desk to store your beauty products and essentials. You can also create a similar space next to the front door.

Pro tip

Add a tall, thin chandelier or a modern chandelier for better lighting. It will also help the space feel more complete.

  • If you enjoy playing with colour and texture, collect and also, display a variety of mirrors, posters, picture frames, and other decorative wall pieces to display.

Pro tip

For more pops of colour, try painting your frames with colours borrowed from posters and pictures to create a unified look. According to colour psychology, colours can evoke certain emotions and change your mood.

Try one of these beautifully wavy mirror trends, and also, incorporate a mirror affirmation into your everyday routine! For example, add a trendy bar dresser to your living room with your wavy mirror as the focal point. Then, accessorize both pieces with a gorgeous statement bouquet to tie it all together.

Wavy Mirror Series: Creation of a Floor Length Wavy Mirror

Welcome to the Mirror series! Where I income simple Bunnings mirrors and give them a little sparkle through simple materials, creativity and also, hard work.

Floor mirrors are great pieces, but they often cost thousands of dollars. So recently, I took on the challenge of creating a beautiful pet mirror for less than $200. I found this giant Bunnings mirror for $86 and knew it had potential. I loved the wave frame mirror trend and made a few (see my wave mirror and pond mirror) but wanted to try something on a much larger scale. Read on to see exactly how I made a wave mirror out of expanding foam.

Materials you want

  • Bunnings mirror
  • 3 MDF pieces
  • Gyprock Easy Movement Plaster
  • Sharpie
  • Big bowl (Or something round to trace around)
  • Jigsaw (I have this one)
  • Long parts of wood
  • Liquid nails
  • Expanding foam
  • Knife (I used an old kitchen knife)


In physics, a mirror is define as a surface reflecting nearly all kinds of light incidents. Moreover, a mirror will keep regularly reflecting light until or unless an opaque object is introduced between the reflecting surface and the light source.

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