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Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center The Story Of Virginia Garcia

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In 1975, six-year-old beautiful Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center and her farmworker parents travelled from their home in Mission, Texas, to California and Oregon to effort in the fields. Unfortunately, Virginia cut her foot along the way, and it was infected by the time they reached Oregon. Due to economic, linguistic, and cultural barriers to medical care, Virginia died of an injury that was believed to be easily treatable.

Spurred on by Virginia’s needless death, the community quickly came composed to open the first Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center in a three-car garage, determined to prevent similar tragedies.

Beaverton Wellness Center

In addition, the facility promotes well-being and includes a commercial teaching kitchen and a room for our group gymnastics classes.

Cornelius Wellness Center

Opened in 2013, the Cornelius Wellness Center is the leading site of the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center. The clinic opened in 1975 in a three-car garage and provides primary dental and eye superintendency to increasingly than 10,000 patients a year and a full pharmacy.

Virginia Garcia Hillsboro

Hillsboro Dental opened a few blocks away. In 2017, we opened the first clinic for women, focusing exclusively on women’s health superintendency and pregnant women. Today, Hillsboro Clinics serves over 9,000 people in the community.

Who We Serve

Virginia Garcia ministers to over 47,000 people in the community each year. We have 18 clinics of care in two counties. Visit our Friends of Virginia Garcia and Business and Community pages for more information.

Foundation Staff of Memorial Health Center

The Virginia Garcia Memorial Basis’s mission is to deliver enduring support for the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center through funding, community relatives and the cultivation of community friendships, partners and donors.

Farmworker Outreach of Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center

From May through August, the Virginia Garcia Mobile Clinic visits major campgrounds and commercial nurseries in Washington and Yamhill regions every Tuesday and Thursday. If necessary, the team also visits smaller camps and kindergartens. In addition, COVID19 tests and vaccinations will be carried out during these visits.

Oh Support

Virginia Garcia makes eight eligible staff members available at each clinic on certain days of the week. They are available to help patients and community members apply for their Oregon Health Plan and educate them about using their services.

Community health labours are available at each clinic at times listed below. Patients can schedule an appointment by contacting the clinic directly and also, requesting a meeting with an OHP enrollment specialist. Lateral entrants are also welcome.


Yamhill County and the area for Virginia Garcia patients who have difficulty getting to appointments. You to the doctor, dental treatment and also, vision problems in Portland.

Patients are ecstatic to and from our clinics. Transport facilities are also available for diabetes classes and other health-related classes. We can also provide transportation to the WIC, Social Security Office, Department of Health and Human Services, etc.

Support A Program at Virginia Garcia

You can choose to make a one-time donation or set up an automatic monthly donation. Donations of any size are welcome and kind a difference in our work. Click here for more information on becoming a friend of Virginia Garcia.

You can donate to a specific program at Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center. For more information on the programs your donation may benefit from, please visit our Targeted Giving page or click on the link below.


The Assignment of the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center remains to provide high-quality, comprehensive. And also, culturally suitable primary health care to the communities of Washington and Yamhill counties, with a particular emphasis on migrant and cyclical farmworkers and others with fences to receiving health care.

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