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Studying Grade 8 Math with Your Child : A Parent’s Resources

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Grade 8 Math – Now and then, parents would want to help their kids with K-8 Math homework or study time. It is no news that adults are not the biggest fans of common core math standards because the approach is starkly different from the math they learnt at school and know. However, parents must still help their kids with math assignments.

To effectively help your youngster, you must first get the right resources to understand what kids are studying and how to teach them in the most efficient way. Here are some resources you can use to teach your children math:

Math Games

Math games are a fun approach to solving complex everyday math problems. If you want to help your child easily get through math tasks, then you need to engage them with math games. The beautiful thing about using math games as a teaching resource is that they work with the school’s curriculum. Moreso, developers usually design games with different difficulty levels to fit the curriculum of all grades. So, as your kid plays, they are moving from level to level, almost as if you are taking them through fun math for kids the only difference is that games are more fun.

Math Videos

On some websites that offer online math classes for kids, there are pre-record videos that break down math concepts to the minimum for kids. These websites work with the school’s curriculums to explain math concepts plaguing the kids. The way the tutors break down the concepts makes it easy to teach your kids because you now have a better understanding of topics. In addition, you can always come back to a video if you did not understand something from the first time, pause where you are, and return without starting over. For example, Khan Academy offers these pre-recorded video resources for free as it is a non-governmental organization.

Math Worksheets

Parents often think that math worksheets are just assignments for kids, but they could be more than that when used correctly. Math worksheets are practice materials that show kids how a math problem could and should be solved step by step. Moreso, the sheets often come with answer keys at the back so that kids could check if they got it correctly. As a parent, you can study these worksheets, use math videos to learn how to solve them, and then use worksheets to teach your kids. In addition, you can use worksheets to check where your child might be struggling so that you can step in and help them. All types of worksheets can be found on math websites, and they are usually available in downloadable printable PDF format.

Math Websites

Everything you need as a parent who wants to help their child succeed in math is contained in math websites. Math websites are your one-stop shop for everything you need to teach math. You can find math games, videos, worksheets, step-by-step breakdowns of math concepts, teaching materials, and every other resource you might need to teach your children math at home. More importantly, you can also find tutors for the days you are too busy to step in. Instead of typing “maths tutors near me” to find the right tutor for your kid, get one from a math website. For any parent who wants to help their child study, math websites should be the best friend.

How Parents Can Help Their Kids Study Math

Teaching your kids math can be challenging and will require a lot of your time and patience; however, it is an important thing that you must do to see your child excel. Here are a few tips for helping your child understand math:

Get over the fear

Math is sometimes not easy for parents as even adults may have math anxiety. However, you need to understand that your child is mirroring you with every step they take. You need to overcome your fear of math if you want to teach your kid how to tackle math with confidence effectively. The work starts with you. The more positive you are towards the subject, the more positive they will be. Before you start teaching your kids, you can always study the material first to gain more insight and, secondly, to see that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Listen to your kids

Another thing you must do when teaching your kids is listening to them to see where they may have struggles and need extra help. Teachers in a maths class usually teach according to the curriculum and what they believe kids need to learn at the time. But for a parent helping their kid study, the job description is different. You need to find out their strengths and weaknesses and work at bringing their weaknesses to where their strengths lie.

Be patient

When teaching a kid, understand that it might take a while to grasp certain concepts, and you might have to repeat the material often. You need to be patient, repeat yourself as often as required, and use games, videos, and other fun tools. Remember that there are about 20 students in math classes for 1-8 Grades, and a teacher may not find time to repeat a concept to one person. Be patient and find other ways to solve tasks if one method is not working, and please, give your child some time.


Every parent wants their child to excel at math, and more often than not, this means that parents must step in in one way or another. However, in recent times, math has changed from what it used to be. Therefore, parents need to study up-to-date resources to give their children the best math education that would complement what the traditional school offers. Math resources listed above will help every parent who wants to get fully involved in their child’s study time.

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