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A spa is a place that has thermal waters  (also called medicinal waters or mineral-medicinal waters ) in which a person can go to bathe to heal and relax.

The waters of each spa have a different chemical composition determined by the spring from which they spring and which is generally located in their facilities or very close.

In addition, a spa is usually in a  beautiful and quiet natural enclave. It has a particular historical tradition since hotels have always been, in their different forms, relaxation and health centers for the more affluent classes.

And is that water has always been a source of care, healing, and relaxation. For this reason, it is not astonishing that many spas, especially in Spain and Europe, boast of having had kings and queens, nobles, nuns, sick people, and illustrious travelers among their visitors.

The spas drink from the customs of the  Greek gymnasiums, the  Roman baths, and the  Hammans and baths of the Arab world. They are heirs to the methods of relaxation of the ancient world that they have managed to preserve and perfect until they become what we can enjoy today.

What are Spas in Europe Like, and What do they do?

The European spa tradition is medicalized, with its therapeutic benefits covered by public health in France, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Portugal.

Since 2014 and as a result of the so-called Saint Petersburg Manifesto, Thermal Medicine has been defined as “An organized system of providing health benefits in spas through the use of mainly natural therapeutic resources, climatic properties and education. And treatment of patients, promoting healthy living, prevention, and rehabilitation” European spas, at least the best and most prominent, make a therapeutic proposal incorporating new techniques. And treatments to traditional hydrothermal methods and proposes that patients take advantage of their stay in the spa during the thermal cure to do Health Education and learn new knowledge. That may be useful to promote your health through healthy lifestyles and prevent diseases through primary prevention strategies (lifestyle) and secondary prevention (early diagnosis of the primary diseases or at least those that cause increased mortality through regular testing and analysis).

What do We do At the Cofrentes Spa and Why do We do it?

What do we do? We are a medicalized spa. Dr. Fernández Torán, a hydrologist, owns the company, and since 2014, we have incorporated Thermal Medicine with its double proposal of medical treatments and health education.

Why do we do what we do? We carry out Medical Treatments because most of our patients are elderly and suffer from pathologies that cause pain in the musculoskeletal system, mainly back pain or knee pain, driven primarily by degenerative diseases of the joints, that is, osteoarthritis. We do Health Education because our patients have expressed their interest in learning what they should do to live better for longer, and we believe that their stay in our spa during the days when they do the thermal treatment provides us with an ideal environment to receive immersion training

What means do we have? For the treatment and Health Education of our patients, we have developed our project, the Institute of Thermal Medicine of the Cofrentes Spa, based on: our waters, our facilities, and our health team.

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