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What is a Solitaire Diamond? Why is it Called That Way?

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Solitaire Diamond


Let’s start at the start. When we welcome you at the jewelry store and tell us that you are looking for a solitaire, we know it is a special occasion.

The usual thing is that you remain somewhat lost without a concrete idea. It is a jewel with great symbolism and has many connotations, you want to get it right, and you are right because there is a before and after to the solitaire ring!!

What is a Solitaire Diamond?

What is a Solitaire Ring? What Meaning Does it Have?

What is a Solitaire Diamond, A solitaire ring is a noble metal ring, usually gold, with a precious stone as the main element. No more, no less.

The most common is that the chosen stone is the diamond, and it has a reason for being! The word diamond originates from Greek and means “the invincible,” “unbreakable.” The diamond symbolizes purity and strength. It seems very successful and gives the piece a special meaning. But it must always be like this. Let us tell you his story.

Has It Always Been Given Away?

The solitaire ring is an elegant and sober jewel with a curious history.

The books say that Archduke Maximilian I of Austria had no doubts when choosing his engagement ring for Mary of Burgundy. It was the end of the 15th century, and at the time, ladies and gentlemen wore wonderful sapphires and rubies. Maximiliano, however, chose another precious stone for his beloved’s ring: the diamond.

It was an unusual and extravagant choice. The hardness of the diamond made it very difficult to cut. However, they managed to make a marvellous jewel for the time, which is surprising for the cutting and setting work.

The ring was gold, and the central motif, a letter M, the initial of the bride, was made with diamonds.

Thus began a romantic custom that has gone through times of boom and decline but has endured over time. The definitive consolidation came in 1974, with the campaign of the De Beers diamond firm :

What is a Solitaire Diamond, ” A Diamond Is Forever ” Who Does Not Remember This Slogan?

Subsequently, the Tiffany firm was the one that introduced a simple mount to set the diamond. It was created in 1886 and had six yellow claws, which allowed the diamond to shine like never before.

At Marfil, we offer you all the possibilities you have imagined, and if we don’t have them, we will make it for you

How To Choose The Right Solitaire Ring.

Give yourself some period to think carefully about the ring you want to give, take into account aspects such as the style of your partner, the type of hand, the tone of gold that they like the most, the precious stone you want to give, if they will wear it daily or not.

Once you have these first questions clear, consider the economic aspect. It is not very elegant to talk about this, but it is essential. When we talk about a solitaire ring, the price is susceptible to the size and quality of the chosen stone. That “a little bit bigger” can translate into a good jump.

Don’t worry, at Marfil, we have options for all budgets, come and get advice. The most common solitaire models can stand assembled with different sizes of diamonds. We are sure to find what you need.

If you are looking for a personalized solitaire ring, our design team will help you make it happen. You often want the jewel to reflect something very personal, very yours, and we will put all our love and know-how to transmit it into a unique treasure.

Diamond Or Colored Stone?

Diamond Or Colored Stone?

It is a good question; the gemstone chosen is the diamond in most cases. It is classic and timeless, and we have already told you the beautiful story it has. However, more and more, we are making solitaires with colored stones.

A beautiful emerald, a deep blue sapphire, or a wonderful “pigeon blood” ruby ​​are options that you should not rule out. However, if you want to get out of the conventional, consider giving a different solitaire.

On Which Finger Is The Solitaire Ring Worn?

This question may seem corny to you, but we love it!!

According to tradition, the situation should remain on the ring finger, but do you know why?

Roman culture alluded to a vein linked to the heart, the muscle that pumps blood, with the ring finger. They called it ” the vein of love, “so the ring finger is considered the most appropriate place to wear the solitaire ring. In addition, the tradition favours the left between the left and right hand due to its more excellent proximity to the heart.

What Does It Mean To Have A Loner?

Traditionally, it symbolizes the commitment and fidelity between a couple, so it has become the indispensable element in any marriage request. The engagement ring is the first stage of marriage

What Is The Difference Between A Solitaire And Engagement Ring?

The main difference between a solitaire ring and an engagement ring is the use you will give it. That is, an engagement ring remains always used to ask for marriage. It has no other service, and although there are specific models, you have different options.

What Are The Three Engagement Rings?

There are three rings involved in the marriage process: the engagement ring, with which the groom asks his bride to marry, the bride’s wedding band, which after the wedding is put together with the engagement ring, and the groom’s wedding ring.

What Does It Mean To Give A Diamond To A Woman?

The diamond: eternal love
The best-known meaning of diamonds is love in its purest state. The one that never ends. However, it has many more implications that remain not always highlighted; they also suggest the pursuit of perfection, physical and moral.

What Does A White Ring Mean?

Solitaire Diamond, Rings with zircons or stones in white will bring a meaning of simplicity, innocence, integrity, and harmony. You can find many rocks in this shade, such as diamonds or zircons.


In the Allure Blog, What is a Solitaire Diamond, A solitaire ring is a noble metal ring, usually gold, with a precious stone as the main element

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