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Are Skinit Skins and Cases Worth It?

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Skinit is the industry leader in custom and branded electronics based in sunny San Diego. We create high-quality cases and covers to protect your smartphone, gaming device, tablet, laptop, audio device, and more! Show your passion with branded designs or create something new and unique for yourself. It uses state-of-the-art machines to print high-quality products to protect your device and your partner.

Skinit Skins

Personalize any electronic device with high-quality 3M vinyl decals cleverly designed to fit precisely on any phone, tablet, game, or audio device. Find an authentic leather design that suits you. Skin products make the perfect addition to any tech lover’s collection and make great customizable gifts for all ages. They are happy to communicate with media members interested in reviews and features.

Personalize Anything With Skinit

When they launched Skinit, they wanted to provide a way to personalize any phone or laptop with a custom theme. Little did we know that the world of personal technology would explode over the next decade! We now offer precision-cut vinyl skins for over 500 different devices. Customize your design and personalize your devices.

All you want to get started are your high-quality image and text files to create with our high-tech Skinit customizer. Dimensions are pre-configured for all accessible and next-gen devices once we get our hands on them.

Why Wrap My Tech Devices?

The most common causes people buy our products are to show off their favorite designs and protect their tech from scratches, chips, and scrapes from their hands!

Now we use our strategies more than ever and buy more new ones because new models always appear. Why not keep your devices looking like new forever? Or at least until you’re prepared to resell and improve to the latest phone, computer, or console.

Why Customize?

True to our original customization mission, skin wants its customers to have fun finding new ideas. Whether coordinating your technique with your fashion vibe or creating the perfect heartfelt gift for a loved one, a Skinit Make Your option is ideal for you.

Laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, supervisors, and your favorite headphones, speakers, and intelligent home plans are all fair game when it comes to creating custom skins.

Skinit – 10 Reasons to Customize your Skin or Phone Case

  • It is guaranteed to fit your device. We digitally scan every device and console to ensure a perfect and protective fit!
  • Our masks can be customize directly on our website, and the process is fun for all ages. Start with any photo, graphic, pattern, or just plain text.
  • Masks are affordable! A custom skin ranges from $20 for a minor skin, like for your phone or AirPods, to $45 for a set of game console and controller skins.
  • They make fantastic personalized gifts that your friends and loved ones will cherish daily when they pick up their gadgets.
  • A personalized skin is excellent to help you identify your phone, laptop, or game controller when out with friends.
  • Your custom tech wraps or decals apply easily and have a smooth, bubble-free finish.
  • They are made in the USA, and all our products are print on demand once the order is place and shipped from our headquarters in sunny San Diego.
  • No minimum quantity is required to order custom products, so feel free to create a ton or two whenever you want!
  • Your exclusive skin designs are digitally print on the highest quality 3M vinyl, known worldwide for its durable, high-performance, residue-free adhesive.
  • Skinit custom skins are detachable and will not injure your valuable laptop, headset, or game console.

Skinit Macbook Cases

Skinit Macbook Cases

True to skinit mission of protection and personalization, we are now proud to offer a stylish Macbook sleeve for select models, as well as ANY design selected.

Skinit new MacBook skin and sleeve sets feature a strong, transparent top case, so your favorite design or personalized photo is visible. The lowest room? It’s also fine, just as durable, ventilated from below, and features soft, raised feet for long sessions on your Macbook.

How it Works

  • Choose your Macbook model and size (we currently offer 4 case options).
  • Choose from thousands of unique designs or make your own.
  • Your premium vinyl sleeve comes with a two-piece durable clear sleeve to protect your laptop’s top and bottom.

Skinit Sleek Macbook Case Themes

Carbon Fiber Macbook Cases

Skinit’s hugely popular textured carbon fiber cases give your devices such a clean, high-tech look, and they look even better under a clear laptop sleeve. Carbon fiber Macbook skin + case sets instantly give your Macbook a rugged, custom look with multiple color options.

Officially Licensed Sports & Collegiate Macbook Cases

Keep your mind alive 24/7 with an eye-catching case and cover set for your Macbook. Your team is represented here with officially licen artwork from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

Official designs for dozens of colleges are also available on our site, each with multiple color variations, graphics, and slogans to express your love for your school. Find your favorite college or pro team laptop sleeve today and protect your laptop from all of life’s “ups” with our new clear sleeves.

Marble Macbook Cases

Everyone loves skinit stone faux leather designs, which are textureless but look like natural marble. The marble and geode designs are a crowd favorite and now make an incredibly stylish case and sleeve set for your Macbook. Style and protection have never been so accessible.

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