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shoesA shoes is an object made of leather, fabric, or other natural or synthetic material intended to cover the foot. The verb to cover means both to dress and to protect. Dress refers to the shoe’s aesthetics: elegance, style, and fashion. Protect relates to the function of the shoe, to help it work well and to walk well. A shoe is, therefore, the result of a compromise between aesthetics and protection.

There are an infinite number of types of shoes: trainers, tennis shoes, sneakers, boots, ankle boots, ankle boots, cowboy boots, sandals, flip flops, tap shoes, gladiator sandals, derbies, oxfords, clogs, ankle boots, rangers, espadrilles, moccasins, boats, pumps, stilettos, ballerinas, babies, marie-jeannes, salomés, slippers, slippers, slippers, mules, slippers, babouches, trotters, clogs, cothurnes, poulaines. At Sens de la Marche, we only offer some of them: mainly those made for walking.

Why A Footwear Lexicon?

Quite simply because the manufacture of a shoe, and the whole universe relating to it, use a specific vocabulary that I prefer to record on this page.

It is evolving and will be updated according to the desires, suggestions, and questions we receive.

I also take this opportunity to “undress” a shoe and break it open to visualize what these terms refer to.

All the Constituent Elements of A Pair of Shoes

Display: this consists of putting the parts to be assembled in contact and giving them a temporary fixation (by gluing, clamping, nailing, etc.) in the position they must occupy definitively.

Assemble: this term has a relatively apparent primary meaning ( assemble the stem, for example). But it also designates a more precise operation. When we talk about rear assembly, we describe fixing and temporarily centering the upper on the last with the help of a point placed at the back at the location of the stick or the heel piece.

Baby-Calf: we are talking about leather from small calves whose grain is smooth and delicate with a shiny finish.

Wand: it is a part of the upper that covers and reinforces the jointing stitching of the back of the quarters.

A stiff toe is a rigid reinforcement (leather in quality shoes) placed at the end of the upper and modeled on the toe of the last during assembly. It protects the toes while giving firmness and good presentation to this upper part.

Elements of the Sole of A Pair Of Shoes

Small stitch seam: The (vertical) seam will join the welt to the outsole with a two-thread stitch in general.

Welt seam:  this is the (horizontal) seam that will bind the welt and the rod to the wall of the insole. She is not apparent.

Coupon: the leather comes from the skin covering the back and the croup of the animal.

Split leather: You will get two sheets when you split the leather. The one on the flesh side is called crust leather, and this sheet cannot legally be called leather, unlike the skin side sheet.

Full-grain leather:  This is the name given to leather from which only the epidermis is removed, and the original thickness is therefore retained. You should know that the flower is the part of the skin that delivers the most resistance.

The Elements of the Upper of A Shoe (The Upper)

Insole: The thin lining is glued on the insole to give a better presentation to the shoe.

Lending:  leather is made up of oriented fibers, and it, therefore, has different characteristics depending on the direction of traction. The lending is the ability of the leather to stretch in a specific order under a tensile force. It is a fundamental concept depending on the part that must be taken into account depending on the position to be made.

Grip: this is the extra leather that another piece will cover during assembly (the stitching).

Quarters: these are the two symmetrical pieces that form the back of the upper and go up more or less on the instep to close the shoe.

The tail of the sole: the rear part of the sole and the protective pad.

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