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What to Do if Your Sexual Relationship is Suffering

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Even if you love your partner and have a healthy relationship with them, this does not mean that your sexual relationship will always be perfect. Sometimes, after you have been with your partner for a while, your relationship can start to struggle. Here is what you can do if your sexual relationship is struggling in 2023.

·       Look into Penis Enlargement Surgery

If your sex life is floundering because you have a small penis that is leaving your partner unsatisfied, you should consider looking into penis enlargement surgery. This is especially the case if your sexual performance and penis size are having an impact on your self-esteem and your ability to enjoy sex. Penis enlargement surgery has developed a lot in recent years and is not carried out by a lot of surgeons. You will have to find a specialist clinic that offers permanent male enlargement surgery and that can allow you to get a penis that you are proud of. This will ensure that your procedure is being carried out by a team of professionals with qualifications and experience who know what they are doing.

·        Speak to Your Partner

However, it is always important that you are open with your partner about how you are feeling, especially if your concerns about your sex life are making you distant and withdrawn. By talking to your partner, you may be able to find solutions that satisfy both of you and allow you both to get the most out of your sex lives. However, talking to your partner about sex can be difficult. This means that you need to find the right moment to discuss the topic with them, try and be as open as possible, and consider couples therapy if talking to your partner is proving to be a struggle or if your conversations keep ending in arguments.

·        Try New Things

Your sex life is likely to become boring if it stays the same for a long period. If you are experiencing this, you should try to make your sex life feel brand new by experimenting with an assortment of new things, whether these be new techniques, new sex toys, or even new places. This can ensure that your sex life does not feel static and mundane. However, you should make sure that you are both on the same page when it comes to trying new things and that both of you have a chance to share your fantasies and ideas with each other.

·        Work on Your Connection

If you are struggling to enjoy the sexual relationship that you used to have, you should consider going back to your relationship’s roots and trying to build your connection with each other back up. Even if this does not involve sex at first, by working on your relationship, a genuine sexual connection may come naturally. You might consider starting up a weekly date night, participating in activities together, or simply spending more alone time as a couple.

If you have been looking to reignite your sexual relationship with your partner, the advice in this post should help. Remember, every relationship and couple is different, so what might be normal or ideal for you, could look different for someone else.

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