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How to Make a Salmon Skin Roll: Amazing Versions

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Instead of buying a salmon skin roll, why not make your version? You can add ingredients and season it giving to your preferences. Here, I have listed a few different versions of making a salmon roll and some facts you should know.

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As we know, in gastronomy, we try to make the most of all the raw materials we have in our kitchens, so one way to take advantage of the Salmon that we have left over from other preparations is through sushi. In this way, I did not want to discard this recipe that has become very popular in Japanese food restaurants, and many people wonder how to make it. So please take note of the steps we show you at and learn.

How to Make Salmon Skin Rolls

How to prepare salmon skin sushi

  • The first step in making our recipe is to pre-list the ingredients for our homemade sushi.
  • Remember that to prepare sushi. We must always have a bowl with water to moisten the hands and the knife.
  • It is vital to have a bamboo mat to make sushi rolls. First, line the mat with plastic wrap. Then, separately, prepare the sushi rice following the instructions in this simple recipe.
  • Bring a pot over medium heat with enough oil to fry. Once hot, add the salmon skins and fry until crispy.
  • Reserve the salmon skin on a plate with absorbent paper to remove excess fat.
  • Add a sheet of nori seaweed to the mat. It is essential to remember that the part where we will add the rice is the wrinkled part. Add the rice with your hands, a little cream cheese on top of the rice and pieces of avocado or avocado.
  • Serve the crispy salmon skin sushi by adding a little teriyaki sauce to the side of the plate. This option is new in the different types of Japanese restaurants, but it is an innovative and ideal idea to take advantage of all the ingredients of our raw material. If you want more sushi recipes and have any comments or concerns, write to us.

The Mistakes you Make When Choosing or Cooking Salmon

Salmon is among the best-known food fish, and its family dates back more than 100 million years. They are carnivores born in freshwater, go to the sea to mature, and return to their native rivers to spawn. As the food guru Harold Mcgee says, so much migration and the production of eggs make it develop its muscle mass and fat reserves.

Salmon is a Fish Rich In Protein and Omega 3 Fatty Acids

But, do we know how to choose a salmon well? What is the way it is tastier ? Do you have to salt it ? Can we freeze it? How do we choose the smoked one? We talked to 3 experts, a chef, a fishmonger and a delicatessen specialist, to tell us all their secrets. These are the eight mistakes that can spoil your salmon dish.

1. Choose a Salmon that is Not in Perfect Condition

For chef Víctor Trochi, the ideal Salmon live wild in the fishing grounds of Alaska because they feed naturally and have a more robust flavour and a firmer texture than fish farms.

Nowadays, farm-raised Salmon, mainly from Norway, are the easiest to find in the markets and are of excellent quality. “You notice right away when a salmon is optimal, especially because it has red and very lively gills”, says the fishmonger Teresa Codina, owner of a well-known fish stall in the Mataró market (Barcelona) founded by her family in 1935.

2. If you Opt For Frozen, not Respecting the Cold Chain

If we buy frozen Salmon, we must consider the thawing standards. Always do it in stages, going through the fridge before putting it at room temperature. And above all, if there is any leftover, do not refreeze it. Trochi, who got a Michelin star at Les Magnòlies (Arbúcies) and another at Skin in Marbella, recommends not doing it in the microwave because it will be boiled.

However, he prefers fresh Salmon to be frozen because frozen has more water. “If we had a professional freezer at -80 degrees, we would be able to maintain the texture of the salmon better than in our home freezers at -18 because crystallization at a lower temperature does not break the fibres as much .” Codina also does not like to freeze the Salmon that we buy fresh because it loses its sweetness. “It is much better to buy it and eat it.”

3. Is it A Mistake to Remove the Thorns?

It is not a mistake, nor does it deserve applause. It depends on how you like it. “If the bones bother you, all you have to do is ask your fishmonger to remove the spines and the belly bones from the salmon,” says Codina, who often comes across this request, although the fishmonger likes to cook it with her bones because he finds it more palatable.

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