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Rockbox Fitness Franchise Review

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RockBox Fitness is more than just a gym or fitness centre – we are a community of diverse people with a mutual goal to lead a healthier, fitter life. Our studios are made up of men and women of different ages and experience levels who work at their own pace. We created a non-judgmental environment where you can discover your strengths, connect with others, and crush your goals. From limbs swaying to either side of you during class to experienced trainers challenging you to new heights, we can guarantee you’ll never feel alone on your fitness journey.

Some things you Should Know about the Rockbox Fitness Franchise

Continue to Invest in Franchise Strategy

  1. In July 2019, RockBox Fitness proclaimed the signing of Zachary Celaya as the brand’s franchise development director. After outlaying the last two years in franchising at Driven Brands, Inc., Celaya takes new knowledge and experience to RockBox and will remain responsible for the continued growth of the RockBox public across the country.
  2. Roger Martin, Co-Founder of RockBox Fitness, said, “We are thrilled to add Zac to our growing team. He truly believes in our mission and what RockBox can bring to any community. We know that his passion for fitness and helping people will be the driving force behind the work we do every day.”

Add Rockstar Franchisor

In late March 2019, RockBox Fitness announced that it hired franchise guru Jeff Dudan to develop its already burgeoning franchise further. Sudan remains the former co-founder and CEO of AdvantaClean, the world’s major home improvement franchise specializing in mould remediation. Water damage remediation and cleaning. Air ducts and dryer. He expanded the business to over 230 franchise territories in 37 states before selling it to Home Franchise Concepts in January 2019.

RockBox uses this vast experience to identify growth markets and find the best franchise partners.

Dudan said, “I will lead our strategic efforts as we rapidly expand into new markets. This company has all the elements necessary to create a world-class brand for franchisees and consumers. The pieces are all there. The company already has a motivated and experienced management team, so I’m looking forward to executing the growth plan. Which includes launching new complementary products and developing on-platform software that will enhance the experience. Of the consumer”.

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Rapid Expansion of Texas Continues

In late May 2020, RockBox Fitness announced its first development deal in East Texas despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. RockBox has a remaining location in Frisco and plans to open studios in Cypress and Flower Mound through the end of the year. It is the brand’s third growth deal in the Lone Star State.

Husband and wife Greg and Renee Branch will own and operate the new RockBox Fitness location. Although an address has yet to be announced, the duo are considering sites in South Tyler due to recent growth in the area. They plan to open their studio in November later this year.

History of Rockbox Fitness

History of Rockbox Fitness

RockBox Fitness was founded in North Carolina in 2017 by Steve Halloran and Roger Martin. Halloran, an industrialist who loved fitness and boxing, first opened a gym in 2013. He decided to open a different type of gym and continually refined the training, member experience and studio offerings to make it unique.

Martin started training at one of Halloran’s gyms in 2016 and was so passionate about Halloran’s. Vision that he quit his job in the pharmaceutical industry to work for Halloran. They decided to change the name from Halloran Gyms to RockBox Fitness, and within a year. The professional membership grew from 53 to 431 members.

Halloran and Martin began franchising RockBox Fitness in 2018 and had multiple locations operational by the end of the year. In addition to various locations in the greater Charlotte area, RockBox has expanded into the Southeast, TX, Arizona and even as far as San Diego. RockBox Fitness thought its goal was to open at least 200 units in the United States by 2024.

Fusing Boxing, Kickboxing & Functional Training

The first thing to know about our courses is that they are not always similar. Whether you derive once a week or every day, rest assured that there will always be a new exercise pack waiting for you at the start of the school year. A Rockbox fitness workout is suitable for everyone, regardless of experience level, and no previous boxing experience is required.

Dynamic Boxing and Kickboxing Courses

Our boxing-based fitness classes offer a dynamic mix of boxing and kickboxing with functional strength training. To keep your training challenging, our boxing classes for adults (and teens) keep you fresh with a different workout every day.

Fusion of Kickboxing and Boxing With Traditional Training

At RockBox Fitness, our personal trainers fuse the moves of boxing and also, kickboxing with functional training exercises for a full-body burn that goals for every muscle group. Each lesson lasts 50 minutes and changes daily. You’ll go through two different boxing stations for half the class and also, alternate between 8 and 12 iPad kiosks. Each with a different functional exercise, for the other half. Each booth contains over 900 various loaded activities, ensuring variety in every class. During any workout, you can imagine hitting, kicking, pushing, throwing, etc. Some exercises include kettlebells, benches, pull-up bars, and bands.

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