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The Crown: What Is Queen Victorian Syndrome?

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What is ‘Queen Victoria Syndrome’?

Despite being unpopular staying on the throne is what we refer to queen victoria syndrome.

You know who ruled the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 1837 till her death in 1901. The phrase has its roots in the long reign of Queen Victoria — Queen Elizabeth’s great-great-grandmother

Speaking to NBC, royal expert Ingrid Seward characterized her as an “invisible queen,” especially after the death of her husband Prince Albert.

After her husbands demise she did not deo anything. She was invisible queen. She did not see anyone until way ..towards the end of her reign seward said.

By the end of her 63-year-old reign, Victoria had grown reclusive and unpopular, and there were calls for her to abdicate the throne in favor of a younger monarch.

Insider of royals reportedly used the phrase to describe queen Elizabeths Reign by the late 1980s,according to royal commentator sarah gristwood.

Decades end came to end and courtiers had begun to talk about QVS or The Queen Victoria Syndrome.

Nation could become tired of an aging monarch and a parasitic royal family,” Gristwood wrote in a 2016 piece for Huff Post.

Queen Had Queen Victoria Syndrome? Public Opnions ?

“Irrelevant, expensive, ancient and out of touch” – this is how the old Queen Elizabeth II (played by Imelda Staunton in season five) is explain in the initial parts of The series.

No wonder it is that her majesty was casted in such a way as Sunday time survey published on 21 january 1990 found that almost to 47percent of the public thought the queen adicate at some stage.

Nonetheless, the crown season five,her majesty shuts down any Queen Victoria Syndrome criticism, in its place saying that she is pleased to have been related to her great-great-grandmother. “It could only ever be taken as a praise,” she remarks.

Directly commenting on said calls for abdication IRL,Elizabeth II made her attitude clear during her 1991 christmas broadcast.

She said next february will see the fortieth anniversary of my fathers death and of my accession over the years I have tried to follow my fathers example and to serve you as best I can, she told the commonwealth.

The responsibility I felt towards you in 1952 still exists now. I will endeavour to serve you in the future with your prayers, your assistance, and the love and support of my family.

In contrast to what we see on The Crown, which suggests that the public has lost interest in the monarchy, the poll’s results were mostly pro-monarchy, with nine out of ten respondents seeing the Queen and Charles “mainly favourably” or “very favourably.”

Queen Elizabeth II’s record-breaking 70-year reign as head of state came to an end with her passing in 2022. King Charles III assumed the throne at the age of 73 upon the passing of Her Majesty.

Why Didn’t Queen Elizabeth Ii Abdicate The The Throne?

Why Didn't Queen Elizabeth Ii Abdicate The The Throne?

While the British public may have lost interest in the Royal family, with the Sunday Times arguing in that fateful story that they were an “an expensive luxury the country cannot afford”, The Crown does hint at why Queen Elizabeth II never abdicated the throne.

Despite the British losing favour for Prince Charles after the tampongate scandal, the real reason Queen Elizabeth II never stepped down was due to her upright commitment to her role of  sovereign.

The Crown presents the role of monarch as a contributing factor of Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George VI’s demise, with the stress of becoming King after his brother King Edward VIII abdicated the throne partly to blame for his illness.

So naturally, knowing the gravity of the position it was something Queen Elizabeth was not something she would give up willingly.

Furthermore, in a speech the Queen delivered on her 21st birthday in 1947, she made a firm promise to the British public that she would astutely devote her life to service.

She said, “I declare before you all that I would commit my entire life, long or short, to your service and the service of our great imperial dynasty, to which we are all heirs. Given her complete devotion to the role, abdicating early was highly unlikely—irregardless of the results of a poll.

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