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Pooph reviews Consumer reports

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Pooph reviews

Do you want to know about Pooph products? Or How to use it? Then you have to open the right article as we are going to discuss pooph reviews, and we are going to tell you all the details about pooph, So make sure you read the full article.

Pooph is made by BioLargo subsidiary ONM Environmental and sold by partners at Ikigai, Pooph is finding success at Walmart stores and online at Amazon and now, with increasingly than 12 major retailers now rolling out the product to their stores.

Pooph reviews Consumer reports

Uses of Pooph

Pooph can be used on any surface! Customers use It to get rid of odors on everything from touchable driveways to garden beds, wood floors, carpets, sofa fabric, bed linens, towels, car seats, clothes, and everything in between. Pooph has no harsh chemicals and is gentle on surfaces while being tough on odors.

Is Pooph safe?

YES! Pooph is completely non-toxic and unscratched to use virtually people, pets, plants, and the planet. Pooph’s proprietary formula has been Vetted thoroughly by State Air Quality Management Authorities in CA, FL, GA, NY, PA, and TX.

Pooph can only be purchased direct at or through our amazon store.

Top positive review

”We have a cat who sometimes has seizures, and when he does, he unfortunately wets the floor, bed, or chair he’s on at the time. My wife had just purchased a brand new chair and was so upset not only because our cat had another seizure, but that he did so while on her new chair. It was soaking wet with cat urine.” By Dugga, Reviewed in the United States on April 19, 2024.

“Our cat has the smelliest poops EVER (high protein diet) so aside from cracking a window and running an air purifier every time she goes, I’ve been looking for a pet-safe, unscented odor eliminator I can spray to eliminate the smell from the air that totally permeates the room after scooping the box.

So far we’ve tried:

  • Naked Jungle: has no added fragrance and worked super well; but unfortunately left an unbearably strong perfumey-floral scent behind that stuck around for days.
  • Zero Odor “Pet:” only eliminated about 50% of the smell from the air, even with 10-15 sprays all around the room; also had tracer fragrance so still smelled perfumey when sprayed.
  • ZorbX: Actually fragrance-free (yay) but did little to nothing to cut the smell in the air.
  • Moso Natural: Actually fragrance-free (yay) but did little to nothing to cut the smell in the air.

So, on to Pooph:


Came packaged with the bottle sealed and capped, with the sprayer separate to prevent leaks, which was nice. Typical “bathroom product”-looking bottle, moreso meant for targeting stains than spraying into the air. It has a mist and a jet setting which are clearly marked. Super expensive for an air freshener, but at least it’s a big 32oz bottle.” By OJ, Reviewed in the United States on February 17, 2024.


We have provided all the information about Pooph Reviews in this post. It worked great. You just had to use a lot of it and this pooph bottle will overcome the problem. In the comment section, please let me know whether you found the article helpful.

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