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How Much Prepares A Hair Transplant Surgery Cost?

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Hair Transplant Surgery Cost

The hair transplant cost is calculated based on the follicular extraction technique, either FUE or FUT, and the number of individual follicles needed to successfully implant. For this reason, you need to know that the estimated prices given online or by phone call do not represent the accurate total price of this procedure.

Some factors to consider within the budget are:

  • The degree of hair loss you are experiencing
  • The availability of donor’s hair
  • The particular characteristics of the hair, such as texture, color, and density, among others.
  • The expectations you have about your desired results.

The individual needs of each patient will determine the costs of hair restoration. In addition, there is a specific number of minimum grafts necessary to perform hair restoration. Additionally, some patients may require multiple procedures to achieve optimal and desired results. In contrast, others may only need to cover a few bald areas, thus requiring only one hair restoration session.

The truth is that the more hair follicles transplanted during an individual session, the lower the total cost of the transplant per graft. In other words, 1,200 grafts will cost the same as 600 grafts, as long as they are all done in one session.

Dividing the process into several sessions can generate additional costs related to medical equipment, implemented and prescribed medications, and other administrative expenses. However, having several sessions is that more grafts can be extracted.

Again, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation with one of our specialists so that you can correctly decide which procedure you need to achieve your hair restoration and accurately estimate the final price.

Financing Options Available For Hair RestorationFinancing Options Available For Hair Restoration

With the variety of financing plans available, Hair Transplant surgery has become more accessible than ever. However, suppose you do not have the necessary funds to cover the cost of hair restoration surgery. In that case, you can take advantage of the different financing options that we make available to you through third-party credit agencies. Although we are not affiliated with these agencies, many of our patients consume financed their treatment with them and have recommended their financing services to us. It is necessary to point out that Care4Hair does not receive any earnings, commissions, or any other benefit from these credit agencies if you apply or request their services.

Hair Recovery, A Machine To Apply Hair:

35 clinics and 400 transplants per month

Here is a market: it is estimated that around 1,000 million people worldwide have alopecia (hair loss) problems. With 25 years of experience in prevention and restoration techniques, Hair Recovery – the company owned by Nicolás Lusicic and Alejandra Susacasa from Córdoba – has already treated more than 500,000 patients in the region and performed 60,000 transplants. How much does organizing an operation cost (if you are a potential patient), and how considerably does a franchise cost (if you are thinking about the business).

Although there are many “bird-bird” methods to prevent or reverse hair loss. Medical science is evident in a few things. First, there is a very high genetic component in baldness, and -once the hair has fallen out. Only a hair transplant can put hair back where there is no longer.

With 35 clinics in Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic. Hair Recovery is a “machine” for putting on hair. In a double sense: it has a well-oiled mechanism for capturing, diagnosing, and transplanting, and -in addition- it has The only robot in the region that extracts hair. An agency that speeds up and automates surgeries.

Hair Recovery Aims To Set Up Clinics In Chile And Uruguay The Region.Hair Recovery Aims To Set Up Clinics In Chile And Uruguay The Region.

As Lucic (who graduated from UNC ) explains, the company focuses on three lines of attack on hair loss:

  • Treatments that respond well to shampoos, therapeutic products, and ampoules (a first line)
  • The use of platelet-rich plasma and follicular nutrition (to stop or slow hair loss)
  • Autotransplants or surgeries extract hair from the “crown” of the same patient and implant between 4,000. And 10,000 inches in a single session under local anesthesia.

The operation is performed by a surgeon experienced in the technique. And -in the case of the central office in Buenos Aires- it remains assisted through an exact robot in extracting the hair and its bulb. Both Lucic and Susacasa continue to personally operate on patients and drive the business and its expansion.

“We are now celebrating 25 years in this area, although legends and charlatans continue to hover. The truth is that 98% of men lose their hair fashionable the same way the “receding hairline” of the forehead before the “crown” of the center of the head.

The genetic component is overwhelming, and although some causes such as stress can speed up the process. Nevertheless, the pattern remains repeated in all traditional groups”, summarizes Lucic. In the world, this transplant technique in a single session is around US$5,000. In Argentina, “historically” it was around US$2,000/3,000. Still, today Hair Recovery -depending on the amount of hair to remain implanted- offers it in values ​​closer to $1,000.

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The Allure Blog, Do we discuss When is a hair transplant safe? From the 1st to the 2nd weeks of the hair transplant procedure. The follicles will only be entirely safe from the 8th day after the intervention. Usually, the donor area superficially heals in 2 weeks.