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Pleasure in Sport: Doing Daily Exercise Makes Us Feel Good

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Feel Good Exercise


Many reasons lead us to practice sports: for health, for well-being, to gain muscle mass, lose weight, to feel good about oneself, or more fulfilled. Of course, everyone has their reasons, but the truth is that, in the end, we all end up doing sport because it makes us feel good, we may end up very tired, and the next day we have soreness, but for some strange reason, we always end up going back to practicing sport. Of course, we are masochists, but you don’t want to stop exercising once you discover the pleasure in fools.

Feel Good Exercise

Why do we Find Pleasure in Sport? We will tell you Everything

Sport remains recommended to improve and maintain physical health since it provides excellent benefits, but the truth is that it also improves our mental health. On a psychological level, sport also has a positive impact, and that is something that we should not ignore since it is just as important as physics.

Practicing a sport serves as a gateway to pleasure and well-being, and while we exercise, we disconnect from our daily life and our problems, which helps to relax the mind and attention on what we remain doing at that precise moment.

Apart from having fun while doing sports, exercising allows us to meet people, they may be mere strangers at first, but since we already have at least one thing in common, it is already a good start to start a conversation and make new friends. So don’t miss out on the opportunity and talk to your gym buddies. You’ll be amazed at the beautiful people you can meet while playing sports.

Doing Daily Exercise Makes Us Feel Good

While we exercise, we release endorphins, hormones that make us feel good, and reduce negative sensations and pain, not only while we play sports, but its effect lasts up to several hours after exercising. In addition, other hormones remain also released during sport that help us feel better. It is why sport is so engaging. It makes you feel so good that it is something you want to feel again and again. The sensation we have can remain compared to that produced by morphine or ecstasy.

Another reason is that it makes us fit. We burn fat, which makes us slimmer, look better, more agile, robust, and have more resistance. It also helps us improve our sexual relations. Apart from having better health as we have said before.

It is important not to develop obsessed with sports. Exercising for many hours without respecting breaks can be counterproductive. It adds stress and pressure, which moves away from the initial purpose of relaxing and feeling better. Moreover, the obsession leads us to force the body too much, and we can suffer an injury and the sport, then loses all fun.

Let’s not forget that sport cannot be an obligation either. Although it may start as a medical prescription or an imposition, we will realize and notice the benefits of sport in the long run, and we will do it for pleasure. That’s ideal.

Pleasure in Sport

Pleasure in sport can remain considered the set of these things that we have just mentioned, and it is that no matter how much we have a hard time while doing the exercises, the sensation of pleasure of having achieved it and of pride for having made an effort, surpasses with you grow negative. And that is what makes us return to practice sport whenever we can.

That is why at Activ, we invite everyone to practice sports regularly and provide them with all possible facilities. Therefore, you will find the exercise routine that will adapt to your goal on our website. They are routines that start with easy exercises and are not very intense, so they acclimate to everyone.

The Wellness Routine Combines Several Disciplines:

The Wellness Routine Combines Several Disciplines:

The Wellness routine combines several disciplines: Yoga, Pilates, hypertensive, and a healthy back to get the whole body in shape. You can also try the Tone Up routine, or if you want a more noticeable change, you can try the radical change that lasts seven weeks.

If you want to start doing sports with exercises for beginners, don’t worry, we have training routines for beginners. The process of adapting to a new habit lasts 21 days. If you manage to exercise for 21 days, exercise will be part of your daily routine and will not require any effort. The 21-day challenge training plan for men or women will be ideal for getting fit in three weeks while adapting to regular exercise.

No matter what exercise routine you select to get in shape, the important thing is that you play sports. You will see that feeling a sense of pleasure in sports is possible and that when you start, you won’t want to stop.


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