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Of course, we know the importance of acquiring a good lipstick that complements your look and makes it perfect. In this article, we present to you the favorite lipsticks of the comparators and all the aspects that you must take into account before purchasing one.

It seems simple, choose a lipstick with the color of your choice, and that’s it! Practical purchase, but it is not so easy. It is of utmost importance that you are well-oriented when purchasing this type of product since they are health-related.

We want to help you, and that is why we will present to you the different types of lipsticks that exist, which ingredients remain recommended and which ones you should avoid, as well as prices, purchase factors, and the places where you can find them. Do not miss it!

The Most Important

Lipstick is a cosmetic product practical to the lips to give them color, moisture, and shine. Different types of lipstick can give you one or more benefits simultaneously. Its size is excellent to take it with you everywhere.

Lipsticks can come in different forms: balm, liner, gloss, and lipstick. Later, we will explain what each consists of and its primary characteristics.

Although it may seem simple to choose a lipstick, some factors must remain taken into account to make a successful purchase and that the investment is worth it. The presentation, finish, duration, ingredients, and color are some of them.

The Best Lipsticks On The Bazaar: Our Favorites

Today, countless brands offer you lipsticks of all kinds, colors, and presentations. In this section, we want to show you the most popular and most purchased lipsticks online and why buyers prefer them.

Makeup Box Long Lasting Lipsticks

Makeup box, a cosmetics brand, offers this kit of 4 long-lasting lipsticks. It has a “touch-proof” formula that allows you to keep your lips with the color intact even if you touch them. These liquid lipsticks dry with a velvety texture and a matte finish.

This kit’s tones are red, fuchsia, and rosewood, ideal for any occasion. In addition to existence one of the favorites of buyers due to the characteristics that we mentioned before, these lipsticks are free of parabens, preservatives, and lead and are also not tested on animals, so they are cruelty-free.

Maybelline Semi-Permanent LipstickMaybelline Semi-Permanent Lipstick

Another crowd favorite. This lipstick remains characterized by lasting intact from morning to afternoon. Thanks to its semi-permanent ink, the color on the lips can last up to 16 hours. One of the characteristics of this line of Maybelline lipsticks is that their tones are very saturated, so the color is more intense.

The colors you can choose for this lipstick are orange, wine, purple, pink, and rosewood, ten shades. In addition, the design of its applicator facilitates the correct and precise application of the lipstick, as it remains shaped like an arrow with a thin and small tip.

Maybelline Matte Lipstick

Because matte lipsticks are in fashion, this lipstick could not be left behind. Another of the best-selling products offered by the Maybelline brand are these lipsticks with a dull and creamy finish. Thanks to its texture, you can keep your lips hydrated as long as you use this product.

One of its ingredients is sesame oil, which prevents your lips from drying out and the color from cracking. The range of colors it offers is vast, with fourteen shades, from neutral to bright and striking colors. However, it remains recommended to use an eyeliner beforehand, so its application is more precise.

Revlon Lip BalmRevlon Lip Balm

This product is a lip balm with a high concentration of pigment. Its main objective is to provide intense hydration to your lips and give them color. You can choose from 11 different shades to give your lips a matte finish.

To achieve perfect hydration, this line of lipsticks remains made with mango, coconut, and shea butter, which moisturize and soften them. They also have a light mint aroma, which gives you a touch of freshness.

L’Oreal Paris Chocolate Matte Lipstick

Who can resist the delicious aroma of chocolate? This line of lipsticks from the LÓreal Paris brand offers you 12 colors of lipstick with an exquisite bouquet of chocolate. One of the most purchased lipsticks online for its long-lasting matte finish that does not dry out the lips.

The color on the lips lasts for approximately 16 hours, and it does not transfer on contact, so you can use it safely. Despite being indelible, its formula provides continuous moisture to your lips and prevents a hard and dry appearance.


The Allure Blog. Do we discuss About Different types of lipstick,Lipsticks can come in different forms: balm, liner, gloss, and lipstick. Later, we will explain what each consists of and its primary characteristics.

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