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If you are one of the people who think that lip liner is history, you may be a little wrong, but don’t worry. Here we will tell you all the advantages of wearing lips with lip liner and the ideal way to outline them, ¿. Do you want to know how? Then keep reading because you are about to learn a different way to make the most of your lips!

Why Yes to Wear Lipstick With Eyeliner:

  • Frames the natural shape of your lips, making them look much more defined.
  • Helps the lipstick stay in the area longer and not get out of control
  • If you outline your lips, you can give an effect of greater volume to your lips.
  • Highlight your lips.

How to Outline

The way to outline your lips, of course, matters. Also, doing it correctly will help you get a much better result. To achieve it, remember our tip: The upper lip is always outlined in two sections, from the center of the mouth to one corner and from the center to the other. As for the lower lip, it is outlined in a single pass.

The Rules of the Lip Liner

  1. To choose the Color of your eyeliner, you should always ensure that it is very similar in tone to the lipstick you are going to apply, and never apply one darker than your lipstick.
  2. To comply with this rule, you must look for a lip liner with an acceptable range of colors so that you can apply it without any problem and that the liner blends with the Color of your lipstick. We recommend you use Color Sensational Lip Liner by Maybelline.
  3. Also, keep in mind that eyeliner lasts much longer than lipstick, so always carry both touch-up products in your bag, as eyeliner doesn’t look good on its own. For this point, consider the options within the range of Color Sensational lipsticks from the same franchise that, in addition to having intense pigmentation, provide your lips with greater hydration to look incredible.
  4. The line you marked with the eyeliner should be subtle, neither too thin nor too thick. It will be the right measure for the look to remain natural for a medium size.

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