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Lip balm write for usLip balm is much more than a cosmetic accessory. This product, essential for men and women, provides hydration and protection to the lips against environmental conditions. In addition, its sensation of freshness is always satisfactory at any time of the day.

This supplement must fulfill three primary functions to protect the lips: protection, nutrition, and repair. To do this, this product integrates ingredients and accessories, such as additives or flavorings, together with a layer to protect from UV rays. If you want to know more, we invite you to continue reading.

What is Lip Balm for and What Benefits Does It Have?

Before continuing, it is worth clarifying that the lips, unlike other areas of the skin, are one of the thinnest and weakest areas of the body. By not producing melanin nor having sebaceous glands, they do not have sufficient mechanisms to protect themselves and stay hydrated. Therefore, the use of a lip balm is essential.

However, depending on the type of ingredients, lip balms can provide incredible benefits in hydration or repair. Meanwhile, the flavoring additives, although they generate a pleasant sensation, can sometimes cause more harm than good since if it is appetizing to the taste, it generates constant suction of the lips (an action contrary to moisturizing and repairing).

What is the Best Repairing Lip Balm?

Currently, the lip balm market is so broad that you can buy classic transparent presentations or those that incorporate coloring or some compliment, such as glitter, to provide a more appropriate option for beauty and aesthetics.

However, if what you want is to know what are some of the best suggestions regarding repairing lip balms, we suggest you consult the following list:

Ziaja Natural Olive

Ziaja Natural Oliva is a lip balm that prevents dryness and restores it, bringing out the best properties of olive and canola oil. Even if you did not know, olive oil also has properties that add shine and luminosity. When combined with sugar, it also offers healing properties.

In turn, it incorporates vitamins A and E. The pleasant orange fragrance is sweet without cloying if you are concerned about the smell.

Clarins Hydra Essential

Combining shea butter, ceramides, and a rose essence seems like a successful association that frames sophistication, protection, and repair for the lips.

Meanwhile, the prolonged action of Clarins Hydra Essential offers long-lasting and instant effects. Perhaps its main drawback is centered on its value; however, the investment is well worth it if you want to show off silky lips.

Reve De Miel De Nuex

As is apparent, Nuex’s Reve de Miel makes use of the properties of honey to repair damaged lips. Meanwhile, supplements such as some natural oils and vitamin E are added. As for its aroma, the pleasant grapefruit and its density, a little thicker, produce the sensation that the lips are well protected.

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