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Hygiene Guide in Aesthetic and Beauty Skin Center

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Workers in aesthetic and beauty skin center are constantly expose to microorganisms that cause some infections. This is the case with fungi, bacteria or other parasites that inhabit the skin. The tricky is that most of the time, cleaning and disinfection are undervalued in these centres when preventing likely contagions.

Hairdressers, beauticians and nail specialists use utensils that derive into straight contact with the skin and, in turn, pass through different hands at the end of the day. And, greatest of the time, these utensils are not taken into account during cleaning and disinfection.

Maintain Proper Order and Storage

Order is the step before cleaning and plays a vital role in configuring a hygienic and positive image for customers. Thus, we will take care of separating disposable products from those that are not and, later, we will sanitize the latter.

Differentiating sanitized crops from those not yet helps avoid cross-contamination and makes cleaning more efficient. For the differentiation or separation, we will use different storage areas and, if possible, label each area to avoid confusion.

Hygiene of Furniture and Other Surfaces

Starting with the general cleaning, it remains essential that the centre’s furniture, ceilings and bulwarks have a clean effect. To do this, we can use any generic or exact detergent to continue with the disinfectant. We can also use two-in-one detergent and disinfectant products. One of the basic rules is to superficially clean and disinfect the workspace after each client.

Towel Cleaning

Towels are a general element and, therefore, one of the critical points of hygiene in the aesthetic and beauty skin centre. It is vital to separate clean towels from unclean ones and store them where the risk of contamination is minimize. Just like utensils, towels are in direct contact with the skin and can become a favourite carrier for germs. In this article, we explain how to shower towels in the laundry.

Maintenance of the Toilet for Clients

Aesthetic and beauty skin centres sell, among other things, images. And precisely, these business must lead through example and offer a good picture of themselves.

In this aspect, the bathroom plays an important role. Trust customer toilets are clean and perfectly equipped conveys a concern for cleanliness that our public will perceive as something positive and comfortable.

Disinfection of Utensils

The fact that the utensils we use appear clean are not enough. Nail files, foot scrubbers, scissors or other work tools are in direct contact with the skin and therefore require disinfection. Again, we can opt for the immersion technique, applying a suitable disinfectant for these materials or sterilization. Another equally valid choice is to resort to single-use utensils, especially in the case of products such as files.

Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is a cross-cutting practice in any business to prevent possible infections. For example, in the case of the aesthetic and beauty skin centre, it is recommend that the staff shower their hands with soap and water before and after helping each client.

At Papelmatic, we have skin-friendly soaps that help prevent irritation. In addition, we also recommend using Purell hydroalcoholic gel to disinfect hands at any time without having to resort to washing.

How do we Carry Out a Study of your Skin?

How do we Carry Out a Study of your Skin_

The procedure that we follow in a study of the skin is as follows:

First, we make a prior appointment to ensure a minimum fixed time and to be able to make a complete assessment. Then, once in the cabin, we remove make-up (if necessary), analyze the skin with a magnifying glass, and then continue observing the Wood’s lamp. This lamp emits ultraviolet light that penetrates the dermis and allows us to see areas of dehydration. Accumulations of dead cells, fatty areas, deep spots, etc.

At the same time, we ask the person to tell us the reasons why they come to our centre: how they feel, what worries them, and what they would you like to improve. In this way, we can emphasize what most attracts your attention and whose improvement is most noticeable without neglecting. The aspects we detect that have gone unnoticed by that person.

All Skin Types Will Benefit

In our centre, we carry out skin diagnoses for all types of profiles. A significant percentage of women come to us because they are getting married and want to look perfect on their big day. In these cases, it is pretty easy to work with them since they are faithful followers of the planning and the recommendations we give them, and the results become visible quickly.

We also receive people who have never taken care of themselves, feel the need to start doing it. But do not know where to start and need complete advice. Or for example, people who already have good habits know which formulations are the most convenient for them, but they look for a second (or third) opinion. Acne, blemishes or rosacea-prone skin are other common reasons many people request a skin study.

Treatment Depends on Diagnosis

In short, a good diagnosis is a key to success! Suppose we determine well what the needs of the skin are and listen carefully to the wishes of the person who comes to us. In that case, we will be able to develop a care protocol at home and in our centre with which the changes are not long in being noticed, and the expected results appear. Get. In this phase, motivation becomes latent, encouraging the person to continue with care and, most importantly, to trust our judgment and seek advice.

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