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Here Are Some Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Hair Loss

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Prevent Hair Loss: Everyone loses some hair every day as a natural part of being human, but abnormal hair loss can be difficult for your self-confidence and a sign that something worse is wrong under the surface. Until you can find the root cause, there are some lifestyle changes you can take in the meantime.

Reduce Stress

In this day and age stressful events seem to be around every corner, but did you know that stress can mess with your hair follicles’ natural growth cycle and force them to shed more than they grow? For stress to cause hair loss it has to be long-term chronic stress and thus, it’s harder to manage overall.

Eat Well

Good food is what your body needs to heal, renew itself and thrive.  If you don’t give your body the nutrients it needs, you can quickly see hair loss occur as you stop giving it the things it needs to grow. In addition, if your hair is dry and breaks easily, you may be lacking in certain vitamins and nutrients. Overall, try to eat a well-balanced diet and you can prevent many things, including hair loss and just enjoy better health overall.

Start With Better Hair Products

If you want to reduce hair fall, a great option is to shop for hair growth products that are worth the investment.

This is where Stim Hair Care comes in, founded by hair restoration experts with over 25 years of industry experience, their goal is to prevent hair loss by stimulating hair follicles, supporting scalp health and improving circulation. You can contact Stim Hair at  page.

Reduce Styling

It might sound counterproductive, but sometimes to make your hair look better you need to do less. This means reducing the amount of stress you put on your hair. So, avoid pulling your hair back too tightly, and avoid chemicals like relaxers, shampoos, heat protectants, salt sprays and fragrances if you can. Above all, reduce the level of heat damage you put into your hair, and this includes blow drying, straightening, curling and doing this daily can definitely add up over time.

Look Into Your Medications

Certain medications can kick off your hair loss and this is known to happen with medications such as blood thinners, large doses of vitamins can disrupt the hair and so can blood pressure rugs and more. Although your health is more important than your hair, it’s important to know what side effects medication holds. 

Try To Avoid Smoking

Smoking has negative effects on your immune system, blood, lungs, and your hair. This is because smoking nicotine-based items whether they be cigarettes or vapes can carry with them certain chemicals that you ingest, and they then damage your hair as well as other organs.