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Hair Color

It’s, a fundamental part of our aesthetics, symbolizes strength, wisdom, experience, freedom, femininity or masculinity, fashion, religion, purchasing power, and ideologies.

Hair is part of our personality, character, and social status. Haircuts and coloring have become a new form of expression.

Dye lines are designed to maximize creativity. Products such as Strike 4,  Decolor B, Framcolor 2001, and For-me. have been designed so that the hairdresser has all the tools he needs in his hands and achieves the perfect result.

Although no better or worse colors exist, specific meanings are culturally attached to them. Depending on our country, hair color may be associated with some characteristics or others.

But usually, a meaning can be assign to them. Let’s see what the color red, ginger, blond, violet, pink, and gray-silver mean.

Red Hair or Redhead

Red is par excellence, the color of love and hate, heat and passion. Seduction and immorality, strength, happiness, and life. Red or ginger hair is related to a passionate, free and seductive woman. It denotes the expression of the vital force, the impulse, and the desire to conquer. Red hair is the ultimate expression of sexuality and desire.

According to some scientific research, redheaded women tend to have more sex than the rest. If a woman dyes her hair this color while in a relationship, it means she is not satisfied and is looking for something better.

Blonde Hair

The blonde is associated with the color of gold, happiness, good and valuable. We usually associate blonde with a pretty, precious, or kind woman. The angels painted themselves with blonde hair, and when we talk about a good heart, we talk about a “heart of gold.” That is why blonde people can give us a certain confidence and well-being.

It is the color of victory, fame, and luxury.

Pelo Morado Violet

Historically, purple was the color of power and magic, symbolizing eternity and the power of the singular and the extravagant. It is unique among all colors, and choosing purple is a response to making a conscious choice of a particular color.

This color is for someone who needs to stand out from the crowd.

A color that represents the royal blood that runs through the veins of a brave and fighting person.

By The Pink

Pink is a relaxing color that influences moods. Inviting them to remain kind and deep. Thus inducing us to feel affection, love, and protection. People who dye their hair pink seek innocence, passion, dedication, and generosity. It is a color that no one can say anything wrong about.

It is also a color that inspires fantasy, creativity, and illusion. Pink transmits a sweet and sentimental personality of a person always looking for a happy ending.

Gray-Silver Hair

Gray-Silver HairGray hair has always been associate with gray hair, old age and outdated. However, a new trend is born to give life to this sad and dull color. A gray that mixes the essence of wisdom with elegance. A new line of silver grays that illuminate and transmit luxury, modernity, and brilliance.

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