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Face MaskThe face mask is an Extraoral device, and that is, it places outside the mouth. For this reason, its use is only at home and to sleep, so rest assured that if your child needs it, he does not have to leave the house with him. We often worry about applying makeup to the face to take care of even the smallest detail, but without noticing that the skin needs to be cared for periodically to continue looking radiant.

What is a Face Mask?

A facial mask is a cosmetic product with a typically creamy or pasty texture, which is applied occasionally to the face to improve the skin’s health.

When applied to the skin, this product must remain for a few minutes, forming a layer or mask (hence its name) to carry out its cleaning or repairing effect and then remove. The components of a face mask will be variable, depending on the cover in question. Therefore, we can find shows made of minerals or organic vegetable products.

Types of Face Masks

When choosing a facial mask, we will see that we can choose from a wide variety of products, each of which will offer different benefits for our skin. A factor that must be taken into account when choosing a specific type of mask is going to be, in addition to the effect we seek to obtain, the fact of having one kind of skin or another.

Clay masks

This type of facial mask is mainly complete of clay. There are different types of clays, and the most used are usually red clay and kaolin, which must mix with water (or they can come already prepared) previously to apply to the face.

In general, the application time of clay masks is between 15 and 20 minutes.

Effects of mineral clay masks:

  • They cleanse the skin of impurities and toxins.
  • They produce an exfoliating effect.
  • They absorb oil from the skin.
  • They provide minerals that revitalize the skin.

Peel-off masks

Peel-off masks have been losing popularity over the years for various reasons, including the emergence of new products with better properties in the cosmetic market.

These masks consist of a gel applied to the face, and after the time indicated by the manufacturer, it can remove a kind of skin.

Veil masks

They are currently the most used masks due to the advantages and results they offer.

They consist of a cellulose mask soaked in a lotion, in abundant quantity, which contains active ingredients that positively affect the skin of the face.

Among these results, we find:

  • Minimize wrinkles.
  • Offer luminosity to the face.
  • Moisturize the skin.
  • Incorporate nutrients.
  • Remove impurities.

Bubble masks

The essential components of this type of mask are clay and charcoal, which others can add, such as green tea, antioxidant elements, and nutrients.

The fact that the product begins to bubble once placed on the face will stimulate the skin, favoring the process of supplying nutrients and cleansing.

Exfoliating masks

As their name suggests, these masks are designed to exfoliate our skin, removing all kinds of impurities and dead skin debris.

When applying this type of mask, it will be essential to make circular movements to activate the skin’s circulation.

In this case, the application time will be less than in the case of other masks since once we have finished the massage when applying them, they can be removed.

Lifting effect masks

In this case, we are not talking approximately a mask in the shape of a cover but about a type of product consisting of a series of patches designed to be applied to specific face areas.

These are, for example, the area of ​​the eyelids, the jowls, and the cheekbones. And this mask fulfills the function of acting as an anti-aging treatment, increasing the skin’s smoothness, as if from a lifting treatment.

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