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Eye write for usSuppose something could attract our attention in the Pinterest or Instagram feed. In that case, it is good step-by-step eye makeup, especially if it is detailed so that it can be easily replicated. We are talking about those looks with impeccable color transitions in which the contrasts between shimmer and matte shadows are combined with attractive blurs and gradients, giving rise to hypnotic creations.

What is Needed for A Decent Eye Makeup?

Good eye makeup will depend mainly on the tools we use. It remains not the same to make up a  basic brush kit with a complete one that includes brushes to blur and achieve beautiful transitions between shadows. In general, it is advisable to have the following makeup tools:

  • Shadow Brushes. We say it in the plural because the ideal is to have one (at least) for each function. Thus, at least you will need a brush to apply shadows (they are usually short, dense, and resistant hair). And another to work transitions and fades (this one is generally very soft and has long hair to give more play in circular movements ).
  • Outline brush. Although if you are a beginner, using the brush to draw the eyeliner may impose more on you, in reality, it is the tool that allows greater precision and a smaller margin of error. It can be a beveled or pointed brush, and it’s just a matter of preference.
  • Eyelash curler. This tool is only necessary for straight eyelashes without natural curls; you can go directly to the mascara if you have a natural curvature.
  • Eyebrow tools. We can use a goupillon , a brush like the one used to apply mascara, or an eyebrow comb to shape them.

Simple Eye Makeup

Simple and natural eye makeup like this is what we all look for in our usual looks. It is characterized by a beautiful combination of shades between pink and peach applied to the mobile eyelid’s outer half as if creating a gradient. A very natural brown eyeliner and a touch of highlighter in the corner of the eye complete this versatile and flattering eye look.

Wedding Eye Makeup

Wedding Eye MakeupEvents always give us more room when wearing unique eye makeup. In the case of an afternoon wedding, we can even afford to use the shimmery shadows we like so much. It is enough that we work a base with matte shades in brown tones with the contours well blurred and add that shadow with a shiny finish in the center of the mobile eyelid to achieve a beautiful effect. To complete, we have to outline both water lines (upper and lower) with a good impact between the lashes and apply good mascara (or false lashes).

Brown Eye Makeup

Brown eyes are very versatile when combining different shades of shadow. Not to fail, ranges such as brown, pink, ocher, or even purple are almost always a good choice. In this case, we selected a gradient makeup in pink tones, from terracotta (to give depth) to pearl (to illuminate). The dark, matte-finish shade is applied in this look to the sides and the eye socket, leaving hints of shimmer from the pearl shadow on the inner corner and center of the eyelid.

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