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Excellent Beauty Proposals, The idea is to indulge yourself and take advantage of our ideas and workshops oriented to the world of beauty to be able to choose your favourite activities. If it is more convenient for you, you can contact us directly, and we will resolve any questions you may have. You can even ask us for your proposals if you wish.

SPA Circuit and Make-Up Workshop

SPA Circuit and MakSPA Circuit and Make-Up Workshope-Up Workshop

If your friend is getting married, a spa center is one of the most popular hen party activities. The reason is straightforward. It is convenient to rest and relax to enjoy the liveliest nightlife afterward. But, of course, you can also opt for some other beauty workshop that satisfies you, perhaps a makeup seminar, facial hygiene, or false eyelashes.

And who doesn’t like to feel special for a day? All you have to do is let yourself be guided by the best professionals and learn from them. You will be able to seize the beauty tricks used by celebrities and apply what you have learned to your daily life. Isn’t it worth accessing the great festival of beauty?

Stress does not get along very well with beauty, and these sessions will ultimately free you from its domination. Forget the tensions and celebrate a farewell or birthday in an exclusive space where you can all be the protagonist

Personal Shopper

It is also possible to have a party in the purest Sex and the City style. The Personal Shopper workshops are a magnificent opportunity for a professional to study your tastes, colorimetry, and lifestyle. He, better than anyone, will know what suits you best and attend to your needs.

Limousine Shopping Tour

Imagine the scene: go shopping in the center of Madrid with your best friends and a fashion expert who will guide you through everything. And what do you think about going from one place to another in a limousine with a private driver? Isn’t that a dream come true? So plan a spectacular day and give the gift of fun, excitement, and glamour!

Customized Beauty Packs And Plans

Excellent Beauty Proposals, We show you very original and fun beauty ideas so you can make your custom packs and plans. All these activities are oriented to the world of relaxation and aesthetics. We have many different proposals for you and your friends to live unique experiences and come out like new.

Customized Beauty Packs And PlansCustomized Beauty Packs And Plans

Makeup, manicure and pedicure workshops, Arab baths, and even a photo book to have a great time. You can include as numerous activities as you want within this perfect plan that you are undoubtedly already planning. Maybe you can hire a Personal Shopper workshop to go shopping and opt for a thermal circuit to finish off the day.

And if you want to give your girl an incredible surprise, adding a limousine pack will not be very expensive, and the experience will be spectacular. A limousine ride through Madrid is a luxury you should try at least once. And if we complete it with a massage for couples or a SPA circuit, much better.

Beauty activities for bachelorette parties, birthdays, and groups of friends

Indeed, these beauty plans are a real luxury for celebrating any social event, be it a farewell or a birthday. Although they also serve to live unrepeatable moments with friends, enjoying a day of maximum relaxation and beauty.

Spa workshops,makeup, manicure, massages, and facial or body treatments are part of a group of luxury activities you can easily hire. These proposals can be completed with others of a gastronomic, adventurous, or entertainment type. It all depends on the event in question and the needs of each group.

These sessions are private, and you can chat with real professionals in the sector. We will help you prepare for this great day and make it worthwhile. So write us, and we will help you with everything you need.

Organize a Different, Original, and Fun Planazzo Full of Glamor

For a PLANAZZO to be unique, choosing joy, original and glamorous activities is necessary. We have the best ideas, and we put them at your disposal so that you can put them at the party of the century.

1. Facial Care Routines

Now that you have more free time take advantage of lengthening your facial care routine, both in the morning and night. Enjoy each step, deeply wash your face for a minute with circular motions to remove all accumulated impurities. Then, every time you apply your nourishing or moisturizing treatment, give yourself a gentle massage for a moment of total relaxation. Do it every day to finally make your facial routine a habit.

2. Take a Relaxing Bath

Turn your bathroom into a little spa. If you have a bathtub, take advantage and take a delicious bath with salts. Take the opportunity to read a book or magazine. Light candles, put on your favorite music, and if you can, light incense or a candle with an aroma that helps you relax. Use this time to strengthen your hair and give it extra shine with Elixir de Luxe multi-benefit oil. Apply to ends and put on a shower cap for a more intense treatment.

3. Experiment with your Makeup

The only way to become a makeup expert is to practice. If there is a look that you have always wanted to try, such as the cat-eye, contouring that uniquely enhances your features, or perfect red lips, but you never had the time to do it, take advantage and do it. Get inspired by watching tutorials on Youtube or some Instagram Live of your favourite influencers and celebrities. You can enter our Youtube Channel here. If you don’t find the one you were looking for, tell us in the comments of the videos what kind of tutorial you would like to do it.

4. Read

Magazines, books, and even our magazine are ideal options to distract yourself and learn new things. In our magazine, you will find different tips, routines, and news about our products and beauty.

5. Give Extra Care To Your Hands

Your hands could dry out due to continuous washing and alcohol gel. Therefore, it is essential to give them special care by constantly moisturizing them to counteract their dryness. We suggest using our Botanology line, which helps repair the skin, or Délice Pour Les Mains, which intensely moisturizes the hands and has three exotic aromas such as Madagascar vanilla and almond oil and delicious red berries.

6. Eliminate stress

It is customary to accumulate specific concerns that generate much more pressure than usual in these uncertain times. The lack of activity and sedentary lifestyle also adds that we can feel more anxious. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to eliminate stress is by doing sports. Thus, you will release the tension, and you will feel much better without a doubt.

7. Take care of your Hair

Your hair is breathing from the factors that damage it daily. What better way to take advantage of this time than to give it special consideration and restore its shine. Use the CC Hair Cream to protect it from damage and moisturize it, and the Nocto Réparateur provides it with a complete repair at night.

8. Organize your Beauty Products

Seeing your products clean and tidy indeed invites you to use them. Organizing them is an efficient task. When you do, you will undoubtedly find products that you have not used for a long time and that you did not even remember that you had, and on the other hand, it will be a reason to discard those that have already expired. You can choose to order them by categories separating an area for your makeup, another for your facial treatment products, and another for personal care products, or you can also do it by size, placing the largest ones at the back and the smallest ones at the front, so you have visibility of all. It is easier to locate them and maintain order.

9. Mask Time

Take advantage of the extra time you have to apply all those masks that you wanted to try for a long time but didn’t because you couldn’t find the right time. Try to make it ideal for your skin type. For best results, exfoliate your skin beforehand so that the mask’s properties penetrate much more.

10. Relax

Distracting ourselves from the current situation is necessary to maintain our peace of mind. If you feel anxious or nervous about spending a lot of time at home or having had a long day at work, we suggest you try a yoga class. This discipline helps mental balance and obtain absolute relaxation. Another great alternative is incorporating a few minutes of meditation into your daily routine. The benefits of these practices will help you feel much better and calmer.


A patch test is a way of checking that your customer isn’t allergic to the products. You’re using it to treat them. Ideally. You’ll use a small amount of the product to do an Excellent Beauty Proposals test in an innocuous place on your customer’s body, for example, You might try some Excellent Beauty Proposals.