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EarringsEarrings are one of those accessories that make your look change ultimately. On many occasions, it depends on your choice if the final style is more or less formal. Plus, it can make your ear shape look different! If you still don’t know what type of earrings best suits you or what the differences are between them, keep reading! At Naithelo, we help you discover a whole new world.

The Shape of your Face Influences When Choosing Earrings

The first thing you must know is that the shape of your face dramatically influences when choosing the most suitable products for you. In jewelry, as in any other field of fashion, everything must be adapted to the specific person. So before delving into the different kinds of earrings that exist, we want to give you a couple of details to guide you:

  • If your face is rounded, mini earrings will be your best ally. Or even some climbers! Later we will describe each of these, but write down this tip so you don’t forget it.
  • For those with more elongated faces, it is best to opt for climbers or even pearls; they will provide a powerful contrast with your face and favor you.
  • However, if your face is in the shape of a heart or diamond, bet on a hoop or long earrings!

After this, let’s see each earring according to its name and shape. Thanks to this fantastic jewelry guide, you will never feel lost in this regard again.

Types of Earrings

Long earrings for special occasions

We all like long earrings since they greatly stylize the face. However, its use should be moderate since sometimes we can saturate the style. They are ideal for parties or special occasions since they attract attention and stand out. If you are going to wear earrings of this style, it is best to pick up your hair to give them the prominence they deserve.

Within the long earrings, there are also many differences. If you are looking for an earring of this style for day-to-day, bet on a very thin and delicate-looking one. But if it’s for a wedding, go all out and innovate!

Pearl Earrings

If you thought that pearl earrings were a thing of the past, you should know that you were wrong. They are simple and classic and add a distinguished touch to any outfit. And you can even choose pearls of different shapes to fit better the outfit you wear that day, giving it a more modern look.

The key to pearl earrings is knowing how to combine them with clothes. Depending on this, they will be more or less formal. Of course: they will always favor you, especially if you choose ones that are not too large.

Climbing Earrings for Those Who Seek To Risk

There are no earrings more striking and curious than the climbers. These earrings go up the ear, simulating that there were more piercings in it without needing to go through a ringer. They are a success in practically any situation and with any face shape.

You will find some more straightforward and others more striking within the climbers. If you’re looking for earrings for a party, look for climbers with stones and sparkles to make them stand out. But if it is something for the day-to-day, bet on a simple piece of gold.

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