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What makes Dakota Johnson bangs so perfect? Is it their length except for that sweet spot between the lash and forehead? His excellent mix of rounded and intelligent? The way they blend seamlessly with the rest of her hair? Or does her face have incredible, precise geometry that is highly flattering? The bangs work well with Dakota’s face shape and personality; She knows she can take 5 minutes to blow dry her bangs and leave the rest of her hair natural.

As you know, she is an American actress. Dakota was born on October 4, 1989, she is the daughter of actors Melanie and Don Johnson, and she made her film debut at the age of ten with a small role alongside her mom in the dark comedy Crazy in Alabama (1999). After progressing high school, she began auditioning for roles in Los Angeles and landed a minor role in The Social Network (2010).

How to Get Dakota Johnson Bangs

How to Get Dakota Johnson BangsDakota plays around with her bangs quite often, Sometimes, she likes to go a little shorter and cut them just above the eyebrow, and sometimes she wants them longer with shorter face-framing layers. Still, we always cut them small in the middle and longer on the sides, creating the ‘curtain’ effect, which is the most versatile and flattering.

If you want to get bangs like Dakota johnson, Keeping them at the ideal length requires diligent maintenance, lest they become wayward or poke into the eyes. Trimming is recommend once a month. Plus, they can be challenging, not only from a styling perspective but from a face-framing perspective, and many people are afraid to experiment with them lest they make small foreheads look smaller or broad faces look more petite. Make it wide Townsend says that they can flatter every face shape—it’s just a matter of getting the proper cut and calibrating the length you’re most comfortable with.

Dakota Johnson’s Hair Extension

Dakota Johnson's Hair ExtensionDakota has gained a reputation for her hairstyle; her bangs can take all the credit. Johnson’s hair steals the show on the red carpet for a film premiere, attending the Awards, or on the sidewalk. A few days before, her fringe is styled with a center part and her naturally straight hair is left loose.

Here are some different hairstyles of Dakota Johson

September 2015

She changed her hairstyle dramatically in 2015, going for full outlying and subtle blonde highlights. This straight, classy bob made its debut when Dakota attended a photo call to promote her film Black Mass at the Venice Film Function.

January 2016

At the 2016 People’s Choice Awards function in Los Angeles, Dakota made a  glossy lob with chopped ends and natural waves. The loose bun gives her hair a more relaxed, romantic look.

February 2017

For the premiere function of Fifty Shades Darker, Dakota wore a darker hair color to match the film’s tone. Her hair was style in a long heavy ponytail with small and big knots filling up the top. Her hair was heavily textured at the back and had a parted fringe to balance it.

January 2018

Dakota returned her signature part for the Academy Awards, with her hair a lighter shade of brown than in recent years. Her bangs were teamed with a textured ponytail with kinks and blonde highlights.

Dakota Johnson Bangs Tutorial

Dakota Johnson Bangs TutorialWhen researching this Parisian-inspired look, who else would we go to for the inside scoop other than Mark Townsend, celebrity hairstylist to Dakota Johnson, the ultimate curtain bang muse? Fresh off of giving Dakota’s bangs a trim, Townsend tells us, “Curtain bangs are great because they frame the face and give every hairstyle an effortless chic-ness. I start by cutting the center first, at eyebrow level, and next, I cut the sides, about 1/4 to 1/2 inch longer than the hair in the middle. Blow dry the bangs with a curly brush held vertically (horizontally can make the bangs too round). I also usually spray Dove Invisible Dry Shampoo at the roots of her bangs to keep them from separating too much.”

Curtain bangs’ textured cut and shape grow out easier than short or straight hits and allow longer between trims. However, Townsend recommends a frame every five to six weeks to keep them in check. And if your bangs get greasy but don’t want to wash your entire head of hair, section off your bangs for a quick wash and rinse, or use dry shampoo for an instant refresh.

How to Cut Dakota Johnson Bangs

How to Cut Dakota Johnson BangsIf you want to cut bangs like Dakota johnson, wet hair shrinks up when it dries, and if you miss your charges while they’re wet, you may end up with very short bangs. Blow-dry and style your fringe as you normally would, whether to the side or straight down. “The shape of your bangs and the line you initially cut should be a strong guideline when trimming,” explains Carrion. Now, separate the bang section and move the remaining hair away from your face and out of the way of your scissors. “Because most bangs are shorter on each side. And those fringes aren’t covering your eyes, get them out of the way.

Cut your Bangs

Hold the scissors horizontally in the other hand and trim any hair that hangs below your fingers. Cut them as if you were cutting a piece of paper into two or three pieces. To be on the safe side, always trim shorter than you think,” Carrion advises, “usually no more than a quarter of an inch, keeping the bangs just below the forehead.” If your bangs are angled slightly to one side, turn your fingers toward that, placing them at forehead level. “Again, use your fingers to guide and cut the hair below that line at that angle.


Besides her acting fame, Dakota has gained fame for her hair bangs can take all the praise. Johnson’s hair steals the show on the red carpet for a movie premiere, attending the Academy Awards, or on the sidewalk. Lately, her fringe has been style with a middle part, and her naturally straight hair has been loose.

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