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Ballerina nails, also called coffin nails, are Kylie Jenner’s signature nail shape. Ballerina’s nails are the stiletto nail, but with a square slightly than the pointy tip. This shape is called the coffin nail because its cut resembles a coffin, and the top is square.

You can even find them similar to ballerina slippers. In this 21st century, you can’t consider yourself “ready” until your nails are done gorgeously. (coffin nail design)

What is the Difference Between Ballerina and Coffin Nails?

The ballerina’s nail is cut slightly from the outer edges of the nail. But the nails are also cut square but wide at the edges.

When beautifying your natural nails, like these nails, you should choose a style you’ve never used. (coffin nail design)

How to Shape Coffin Nails?

How to Shape Coffin Nails_

It would not remain wrong to say that this is the trendiest nail shape ever. Although shaping may be a chore for some, we will make it easy for you. (coffin nail design)

How do you Cut Coffin Nails?

Trim the edges of your nails and file them using the sharpest electric nail file.

The slightest carelessness will not only spoil the shape of your nails but also damage your finger, so the procedure should be done carefully.

Also, keep the exact shape of the coffin in mind when filing it, and move the blade carefully to thin the edges of the nails.

Best Coffin Nail Designs to Try in 2022

Coffin nail are the impeccable shape for your next manicure. Loved by celebrities and style icons, they are a fantastic option for someone who wants fabulous, versatile and modern nails. The shape can be created using natural or acrylic nails, and this style works amazingly well on short or long nails. The body is more durable than stiletto claws and looks very feminine. But perhaps most appealing is that they lend themselves well to colour and nail art. There are many great options, and we’ve rounded up the best options for you.

1. Short coffin nails

Coffin nail can be short or long. So even if your claws look like a kitten’s instead of a big cat’s, you can still rock this stylish trend. But, of course, your nails will need to extend a bit past your fingers to ensure you can create the taper correctly.

2. Long coffin nails

Long coffin are bold and elegant. Unlike other styles like the B. Almond-shaped, nails have a flat tip that gives a striking and aggressive look. To generate the shape with your nails, file the edges towards the centre. Then rub the tips.

3. White Coffin Nails

White can be an eye-catching colour, especially when paired with nails. To show off the clear tint on your nails, choose between a gloss finish for a luxurious classic look or a matte finish for a fresh modern look.

4. Naked coffin nails

For those who need their nails to look classy and elegant, nude is a great colour option. Subtle yet utterly refined, the understated hue is a fantastic choice for office days and formal events alike.

5. Acrylic coffin nails

Are you struggling to grow your nails enough to sport the coffin shape in style? Don’t panic yet. You can always rely on an acrylic nail set to get your desired enviable length.

6. 3D coffin nails

3D coffin nails

You can decorate nails in several ways, including 3D designs. These art designs add an extra dimension to your nails and are a real eye-catcher. All you have to do is choose your perfect look. Maybe gems, studs or even flowers.

7. Matte coffin nails

You cannot avoid matt nails if you want a trendy and hip look for your fingers. While nude, pink, and white tones are excellent choices, a fiery shade of red is the best choice for parties.

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8. Transparent coffin nail design

When making a great nail design, sometimes less remains more. So, before you protect all your nails with polish, you should go for a clean and transparent method. To create this look, glue on your nails before painting. Once the polish is dry, eliminate the tape to reveal an elegant negative space design. Alternatively, you can opt for a simple, transparent look by covering all your nails with clear or translucent nail polish.

9. Cute coffin nails

One of the most okay things about nails is the many cute designs to try. But how do you select where to start? Well, why not start with gorgeous mint green and nude look? If you’re feeling creative, you can play with negative space, striped ribbons, and sparkly accents.

10. Decorative coffin nails

Decorative nails are an excellent option for adding excitement to your fingers without overdoing it. Try painting one nail on each hand a color that contrasts with the rest of your fingers for simple nails. For a bolder accent, reflect something more detailed, like stripes, 3D patterns, or a lacy look.

How to get the perfect coffin nails?

The best way to create elegant coffin nails is to aim for a stiletto shape before squaring it off, and this works using natural nails, gel build-up, or false acrylic nails.

  • Start by lightly marking the centre of your nail by placing a tiny dot of polish on the raw edge.
  • Then very carefully, little by little, clip into a rough almond nail shape, always noting where the centre is. Don’t make the nail too narrow yet, and also, keep both sides as even as possible.
  • After you have an approximate shape, start gently filing the sidewalls straight from the nail.
  • File up and do the sidewall towards the centre on both sides evenly, using your marker as a guide.
  • Once the sides are tapered evenly and have an excellent centred point, take the clippers and cut straight crossways at the length you want.
  • Carefully file the raw edge while maintaining the crisp, sharp edges that make coffin nails eye-catching.

Then comes the fun bit – adding colour and any art designs. Coffin nails are ideal for creating fabulous nail art as the pin is large enough to go wild with.

What does your Nail Shape Say About your Personality?

Oval or round fingernail shape tends to be the most positive, open-minded, and happy. A rounded fingernail shape is creative, independent, and a quick learner. C-shaped curving down – This fingernail shape indicates a personality that is hard working and has had to overcome an obstacle in the past.

What nail shape is most flattering?

Suppose you have average or long nails; oval, almond, and coffin outline the best suit you. Use lengthening nail shapes, such as almond, casket, and oval, to lengthen and slenderize short and wide fingers. Ladies with fingers that are undoubtedly long and slim should choose a square nail shape for a flattering effect.

Do Coffin Nails Break Easily?

While coffin nails look super fierce, their length and flat tips make them quite prone to breaking. So if you decide to go for this look, you should probably do it at a professional nail salon with acrylic paints.

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