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The Best Chanel Foundations for Every Skin Type

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Chanel foundations are incredibly luxurious to use, are of unrenowned quality, and are exactly what you’d expect from such a high-quality brand. Chanel is a visitor known worldwide for its luxury products.

Foundation is one of the beauty products where quality makes all the difference in the world. A good quality foundation will blend beautifully on your skin, enhance your features, hide imperfections and make you glow. If you’ve never used a Chanel foundation, how do you choose the right foundation for you? Knowing your skin type it is a really good start. Then you have to decide what features you want in the foundation.

Which Chanel Foundation is Best for Oily Skin?

Which Chanel Foundation is Best for Oily Skin_Best Foundations for Oily Skin You probably don’t know how hard it is to find the right foundation that is free of pore-clogging ingredients and leaves you smooth, glowing, and worst of all, fresh broken. So what do we naturally gifted people do?

According to, Ross C. Raduski, MD, a certified dermatologist in New York City, previously told that a worldwide misconception is that oily skin can’t be dehydrated, but that’s far from the truth. may go away. “Dehydrated skin is not oily, but dehydrated – so you can have pigmented skin but still have dehydrated skin.

Therefore, you should enroll in a foundation that contains some form of hyaluronic wounding (which doesn’t trigger acne) to uplift hydration and strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier. That way less water is saved, Dr. Gohar suggests. She moreover recommends choosing a foundation rich in antioxidants (like vitamins C and E), which have anti-inflammatory properties and fight off treasonous self-ruling radicals.

How do I know my Chanel Foundation Shade?

How do I know my Chanel Foundation Shade_

What is your skin type?

To select Chanel foundation for your skin If you have dry skin, you have to use a foundation that is hydrating and nourishing because  different skin types have different needs

If you have oily skin, choose a foundation that has shine control and a matte finish.

If you have started seeing fine lines and wrinkles, then choose an anti-aging foundation.

What level of coverage would you like?

  • A light-coverage foundation is best suited for people with even skin tones.
  • They’re also perfect for times when you don’t need to look like you’re wearing too much makeup, like when you’re going out to brunch.
  • A medium or full-coverage foundation is the best collection if your skin is prone to acne, marks or redness.
  • If You want a full coverage foundation for nights out, special occasions, or even times when you want to put in a little more effort.

Which formulation do you prefer?

  • Liquid foundations are the most popular because they’re so easy to apply with your fingers, a brush, or a sponge.
  • Powder foundation is also a great option, especially if you’re traveling or like to touch up during the day.
  • Chanel also has a super luxe option of cream foundation in its Sublimage Le Teint Foundation.

what is your shade

  • The right foundation should match your skin tone so that it merges in.
  • Foundation should boost your features so that you can present the best version of your skin.
  • If it’s a complexion you’re going for, consider wearing bronzer or blush.

Chanel Foundation Les Beiges

What it is: A light-to-medium coverage fluid foundation that lasts for up to 12 hours and features a weightless texture and radiant finish for a natural, healthy-looking glow.
What it does: Light-reflecting pigments smooth and enhance the squint of skin with a subtle luminosity, while antioxidants help protect versus pollution, self-ruling radicals, and undecorous light. Made with over 40% water, this foundation is enriched with moisturizing ingredients that immediately help hydrate skin.
How to use: Using your foundation brush, wield from the part-way of the face’s outer

Liquid Chanel Foundation

Liquid Chanel FoundationThe most commonly used foundations generally provide more coverage than powder foundations and are easy to apply and blend. That being said, liquid foundations also come in variety of coverage levels like sheer, medium, full, and HD. For example, the  chanel Foundation is a high-pigment foundation that uses saturated colour pigments to deliver a concentrated coverage. This high-impact foundation is lightweight, long-lasting, and gives you a flawless full-coverage finish that lasts all day.

People with different skin types like oily, dry, and combination will find liquid foundations that suit their needs. Due to their high coverage, liquid foundations are great for correcting skin tone, covering up scars and blemishes, and giving you a smooth, even skin tone.

Powder Chanel Foundation

Powder Chanel FoundationA powder foundation helps mattify your face and has light to medium coverage. These foundations are finely milled to get the soft texture that gives your skin an airbrushed look.This foundations can be layered on top of liquid or cream foundations and help set the makeup. Powder foundations also tend to provide slightly lesser coverage than liquid foundations. Powder Foundation is a unique foundation that can be use dry or wet.

Chanel Foundation Review

The  Chanel Foundation is a fluid illuminating foundation with sheer-medium coverage. It’s very lightweight with a nice glowy finish. On its own it’s very glowy but I liked that it wasn’t greasy feeling. It has a plumping smoothing effect on the skin with the Red Camellia Oil. Finish has medium lasting power even when set with a powder. Since it’s dewy/luminous adding a powder on top will cancel out the shine and glow with most formulas. I found the Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder added on top helped set and tone down the shine but still allowed the glow to show through.

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