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The makeup base is perhaps one of the beauty items we use the worst in general [well, and the concealer too]. We fail in the tone, do not use the right tools, or use more products than needed. And that’s not to mention those hundreds of options available on the market.

And although right now is not the time when we most want to cover the face with makeup, it is still a basic that radically changes our appearance in a second, like the eyebrow pencil. We achieve an excellent face effect, hide imperfections such as wrinkles or pimples, and unify the entire face’s tone. So yes, having one or several bases for each occasion is excellent for achieving the finish we are looking for.

How to Choose the Best Makeup Base for Me?How to Choose the Best Makeup Base for Me?

Then think about what you need it for: is it for everyday use? Look for light formulas; they can even be BB creams or tinted facial sunscreens. If you want to get one for special occasions or for whatever reason you like that they cover imperfections better, look for foundations with medium or high coverage.

Finally, always look for the same tone as your facial skin: otherwise, you will end up with a pronounced border (and no, it does not look good on you: get a bronzer to darken it). To find your tone, you must first know your undertone: are you warm, cool, or neutral? Once you have found it, compare products from brands you already know to find the perfect color for you. Or use online tools that will help you a lot, such as the Foundation Finder on the Esteé Lauder website.

Are there Differences Between Cheap and High-end Foundations?

In most cases, yes: high-end foundations tend to have better formulas, more variety of colors for each type of undertone, and a better finish. But, of course, that does not get nasty that there are no low-cost makeup bases capable of competing with them, but it is usually the case in general.

Next, you have the updated list with the best makeup bases, which you can do according to your skin type and needs.

1. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation glowy foundation

A bow to the Giorgio Armani team for coming up with the formula for the Luminous Silk Foundation. They have become a benchmark for foundations with a glowy effect, which leaves a juicy and luminous finish. It is wonderful. Of course, if you have very oily skin, stay away from it.

2.Paris Infallible 24h Fresh Wear Longwear Foundation

Waterproof, lightweight, and comfortable on the skin, high-coverage foundation costs less than €15 and offers similar results to more high-end brands. A perfect low-cost option.

3.Double Wear High Coverage FoundationDouble Wear High Coverage Foundation

If what you are looking for is to cover your skin completely. It is a favorite for weddings or other events requiring an all-terrain makeup base with high coverage, a velvety finish, and is very resistant.

4.Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

This matte foundation from Fenty marked a before and after its launch: for the first time, a makeup brand released a foundation in more than 40 shades, suitable for absolutely ALL skin colors.

That said, its features make it the perfect choice for oily skin. It is buildable, has a priori medium coverage, and is responsible for keeping shine and imperfections at bay.

5.Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation

If you’re looking for medium coverage, long-wearing matte foundation, you can’t go wrong with Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless. It lasts all daytime (or all night), is moisturizing, and has a beautiful finish, a total Instagram filter effect.

6.Backstage Face & Body Foundation for All Skin Types

This is the perfect foundation for any skin type and is available in various shades. Skin & Body is buildable, has a beautiful, natural finish, is sweat and heat resistant, and is a favorite of many makeup artists. It is perfect for no-makeup makeup a natural makeup.

7. Make Up For Ever Extreme HD Foundation Stick

We love this foundation for its second-skin finish. It’s medium coverage, suitable for normal to dry skin, and buildable: take a makeup brush and soak it in product for the best result. Then apply on the skin, making circular movements and, little by little, modulating the layers that you want to make and working it a lot. You are going to hallucinate.

8. Too Faced Born This Way Medium Coverage Foundation

Born This Way foundation is perfect for everyday wear. It is buildable, has a supernatural finish, and is applied very well with a sponge and a brush. Delivers what it promises: the coveted second-skin effect

9.The Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop

This Fenty product has my heart stolen: it’s a hybrid between a foundation and a tinted moisturizer. Also, It has a “filter” effect that helps cover imperfections without the masking effect that many foundations cause. It is super versatile, light, and suitable for all skin types.

10. The low-cost foundation for all skin types

This low-cost foundation is the perfect option for all skin types: whether you have dry or oily skin, it offers a supernatural result for less than €10. What more could you want?

11. NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Sunscreen Tint + 30 SPF

No, it’s not technically a foundation, but if you don’t like rich finishes, you might like this tinted moisturizer. It has a second-skin finish, is very light, and incorporates SPF +30 sun protection. Also, we love the Audacious lipstick from the same brand.

12. Huda Beauty Faux Filter Luminous Matte-Base Super Coverage Foundation

Our favorite Huda Beauty foundation provides a very successful Instagram filter effect with full coverage. Also, It covers imperfections, lasts many hours intact, and has a matte finish.

13. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation Liquid Foundation

Simply spectacular. The Sheer Glow leaves a beautiful second-skin finish. Also, spreads very comfortably, and has good durability. It is perhaps my favorite.

14. Catrice True skin Moisturizing Foundation

Although, This super low-cost makeup base surprises everyone who tries it, including Tati, the Anna Wintour of makeup. Ella has a slightly matte finish, high coverage, and durability that is hard to believe. In addition, it is suitable for normal, mixed, and dry skin, despite being matte.

15. Hourglass Vanish High Coverage Foundation

Hourglass is not a brand that drowns us with its launches: when it does, it is because it has created an exceptional product. Also, this makeup base is no exception: with a considerable amount, and we create a high-coverage canvas with a second-skin finish. It has a natural and durable finish.

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The Allure Blog. An undeniable truth for many women is that foundations are helpful tools. Also, A foundation hydrates your skin and gives it a smooth feel, covers your blemishes, shapes your skin tone, and provides consistent color to surface makeup.